Why Laminate Your ID Cards?

ID card lamination improves the longevity, quality, security, and strength of your ID cards, and can help you and your organization save money!

Before we dive into our question, let’s cover the basics…

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What Is Lamination?

Lamination is a clear layer of protective film applied to a flat surface. In respect to ID cards, this layer of clear film goes on both side of plastic ID cards to protect the card from scratches, pigment smears and other damages. ID card printers with lamination capability can apply lamination to the card during the regular printing process or you can purchase a “Card Lamination Module” which put simply laminates cards after they are printed. So, now that you know how it works let’s dive into our question:

Why Should You Laminate Your ID Cards?

While the benefits of lamination may not seem persuasive at first glance, over time ID card lamination becomes a no brainer! Let’s see why…

Laminating your ID cards will…

  1. Extend the lifetime of your cards.
  2. Increase card security by preventing fraud. 
  3. Make your cards stronger.
  4. Protect the surface of your cards.
  5. Decrease the amount of replacement cards you print.
  6. Save money on materials.

Although lists are short and sweet, let’s break down what these benefits really do for you and your organization…

How Can Laminating Your ID Cards Save You Money?

By choosing to laminate you immediately improve the lifetime and appearance of your IDs. This is because the extra film layer protects your IDs from scratches, pigment smears and other damages that unfortunately occur on a regular basis. But who cares? Although a distorted image on an ID card does not interfere with the proximity card or magnetic strip that gets you into the building, it can appear unprofessional. On the other hand, if QR codes, barcodes, ID numbers, or other important information gets damaged, it will fail to function in the way you need it to and you must reissue a new card. Additionally, lamination increases card security by including a UV overlay that prevents card fraud. So whether it is a subjective or objective choice to replace ID cards after damages, once starting an ID program you will see how often you have to print replacement cards… and unfortunately it can be expensive!

However, once you make the initial investment to laminate you will see a drastic decline in how many replacement cards you have to print per year… And since your ID printer works for years, even decades, over time you see just how valuable laminating becomes.

So What Next?

In order to start saving you need to start laminating, but in order to start laminating you need the right supplies. You’ll need a few items: the ID cards you want laminated, a card lamination module(AKA printer), and laminate or you can buy laminated pouches but that tends to be more expensive in the long run. Once you have the supplies you need, setting up to laminate is simple and effective.


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