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The Future of ID Cards

Take a look at your ID card. See something new? If not, you’re not alone. But that might be about to change. . . ID cards are used in so many unique cases


If not, you’re not alone. But that might be about to change. . .

ID cards are used in so many unique cases that they have become a worldwide necessity. They have been critical in securing schools, advancing the employee experience in businesses and of course providing proof of identification, think drivers license. The technology we can fit in a card is remarkable, but a badge isn’t the only thing in our pocket with those capabilities. We can control everything from the palm of our hand thanks to our smartphones.

Why are we still carrying around an ID Badge?

There are three basic components of ID cards: 

1. Providing a seamless transfer of data

2. Controlling physical and digital access

3. Proof of identification

Is a plastic card really needed for this?

Technically, phones could be used to accomplish all three of these needs. Use Bluetooth or NCF capabilities to transfer data and restrict access. You could even have a digital version of a student ID card or employee badge. This is the future, but we aren’t there yet. ID cards never run out of battery and they offer more security features to fight against fraudulent cards.

Wallet sized cards are so engrained in our culture that leaving them behind is impossible, but maybe your next employee badge will be on your phone. Our adoption of technology has taken a huge leap during COVID and We are closer to this new reality than you think. A digital ID could even unlock new features for remote workers and learners.

My point is, ID cards will never be obsolete but they will change. They do a fantastic job of easily solving a need for so many consumers and businesses, but our needs and our technology are changing.

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