Just as you would upgrade to a meal deal, add services to your cell phone, or change your plane ticket to first class, you can do the same to improve your ID card system. Either during or after your purchase, you may find you need additional equipment or software as your identification needs change.

ID Maker system upgrades range from the printer itself to card design software, and from ID cards to ID badge accessories. Depending on what you need, we’ve got the upgrade to get you there.


From an ID card system standpoint, you may start small and work your way up to one with greater output and more security features. For instance, a single-sided ID Maker Edge system is a basic package for ID card printing. You may decide down the road that you require more information on an ID card such as bar codes, or magnetic stripes for data storage. This system is field-upgradable, meaning that you can purchase a one-time printer ribbon upgrade that turns your single-sided printer into a dual-sided printer. You may be using a laminate system for ID badge creation. While this is a cost-effective system upfront you may find hidden costs in printer ink, or be bogged down by the labor intensive laminating process. An ID Maker system helps you create durable and professional ID cards in half the time, without the paper waste.


Security may become a bigger issue down the road as your staff or student body grows, or as your business expands to additional locations. By upgrading to an ID Maker Apex system you get more options to prevent forgery and create unique and secure ID badges. With this system you’ll get enhanced ID Maker Enterprise 3.0 software with custom reporting tools, network capabilities, and even more ID card design templates, clip art, and backgrounds. An ID Maker Apex system allows for holographic overlays, watermarks, and a programmable printer key so your company’s logo prints as a non-forgeable holographic overlay on every card.


ID badges are more practical if you have a convenient but attractive way to wear them. This usually requires a slot punch to make room for an ID accessory such as a strap clip or lanyard. For small production runs, your best bet may be a hand-held slot punch. But for bigger jobs you’ll save your arm some undue pain by upgrading to a larger slot punch or a three-in-one slot punch. These deluxe models line up the card for accurate slot punching, and also give you the option of hole, slot, or corner punches.

Lanyards keep your ID visible and accessible. There are ways to customize your ID accessories by adding your logo and company name.

We live in a mobile society where business is done over the phone, via email, or from a remote location. Your ID card system should be able to travel with you as necessary. A travel case protects your printer and stores components such as a camera or cables safely, no matter the mode of transportation.

Your ID badge system should grow with you. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got the upgrade solution. Give us a call at 1-866-438-4553 or chat live with an ID specialist. If you have questions about any of our systems, request a free system selection guide bellow for a side-by-side comparison of our entire ID Maker system line.