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What to Put on the Back of an ID Badge

ID have backs! May as well use it. Your standard ID card can include a lot of information, potentially even more than you realize!

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How to Create Effective ID Badges: Logos

Your employee or student ID badges aren’t just security. They also serve as marketing pieces and your logo functions as the ‘face’ of your...

ID Systems

How to Print 100 IDs with One Click

Printing one ID is easy. You type in their name, take a picture, and voila! Easy. But what if you need to re-issue all your employee IDs? Or what if...

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Which ID Card Size Is Right for You?

Did you even know there were different card sizes? This key difference commonly goes under the radar but is critical to getting your card just right.

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ID Cards Without Logos

Is this a massive shift in the ID card industry or a simple trend of less is more? Organizations big and small are starting to design their ID cards...

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