Northeast Middle School

Northeast middle school was using an outdated and unsecure ID program and needed something more secure, more durable and better looking.

Executive Summary

Northeast middle school was using an outdated and unsecure ID program and needed something more secure, more durable and better looking. They found IDville and with our Complete ID Maker Solution, we were able to solve their needs and then some.

About Northeast Middle School

Northeast Middle School in Clarksville, Tennessee is part of the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System which serves over 26,000 students and employs about 3,000 teachers, administrators, and support staff. Each year NEMS prints around 1,600 IDs for its students, staff, and visitors.


Bruce Hester, Media Specialist and Librarian at NEMS was relying on an old laminate system to create all 1,600 IDs and was experiencing more and more problems every year. "The old process was… well, a huge process. Using laminating pouches and paper cards took a huge amount of time and they never seemed to last very long." said Hester.

"We decided to upgrade our ID Badge Program because we needed something:

  • More secure
  • More durable
  • Better looking."

The Solution

Hester did his research before purchasing his ID Maker system. He shopped around online and even got an in-person demo at his school but ultimately chose IDville because of our easy-to-use software, price and support.

“We ultimately chose IDville's system because of its ease in making the cards, the price and the free lifetime support.”

The Results

Since implementing their new ID program with their ID Maker printer system, they have saved countless hours and labor costs during student registration, checking out books in the library and managing substitute teachers.

"Using the barcodes on the cards speeds up library checkout and helps staff identify the students," added Hester. "We also make ID cards (without a photo) for substitute teachers and visitors that readily identify the fact that they have checked in at the office and are allowed access to the school."

There badge system increases building security, leaving students, staff, and parents feeling more secure. In fact, since their new ID Maker System the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System was awarded ISO 9001 certification. At the time, CMCSS was one of only 10 school systems in the nation to have received this award for adopting a plan for continuous improvement.

"Our experiences with IDville has been terrific. Ease of ordering supplies, ease of using the software and the equipment, and the outstanding technical support has made it so easy for me to make ID cards for our students."

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