What is Your New Employee Saying?

As a new hire, I know a thing or two about onboarding. The idea of starting my new job held both fear and excitement.

Thankfully, one of the things that – surprisingly – made me feel the most at home was my new ID badge.

Hold up. An ID badge?! Why?

Well, let me tell you.

What Your New Employee is Saying About Their ID Badge

1. I felt that my new company cared about me. They didn’t overlook the little things. When companies forget to do this, it has an impact on new hires’ onboarding experience. Now new employee wants to walk around the office that first week wearing a visitor tag when they’re trying to meet their new co-workers.

2. I felt secure. When companies give out ID badges, it means they administer some sort of security system. And security systems mean safety within the office. This made me feel valued and protected as a new employee.

3. I felt like I was already a part of the team. An ID badge is often branded, reflecting the company it’s for.  In receiving an ID badge, I felt like I “owned” a piece of the pie, which made me want to engage long-term.

4. I had something to show for my first day or work. Likely, you filled out a bunch of tax forms, set up your desk, and met quite a few people. An ID badge is something tangible you can bring home to show people where you work and give them an idea of the company you work for. I was proud to pull out my badge to answer people’s questions about how my first day at my new job went.

5. I felt self-sufficient. In receiving an ID badge, I knew that I could now easily access the building. It gave me the sense of freedom to come and go as I need, rather than having to rely on anyone else to let me in.

Kick Start Your ID Badge Program

With onboarding becoming even more important in today’s work culture to improve retention and overall morale, your ID badges mean more than just identification. Do you have the right system for your ID needs?

Printing professional ID badges really doesn’t get any simpler than this. We have the ID card printers and ID card systems you need to customize your badge program. You’ll be up and running in just about 15 minutes.


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