If you’re considering an ID card printer system, it’s important to weigh all of your options. You want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need, not expensive and unnecessary equipment you won’t use.

Before you get started, you’re probably wondering what others have done. Read case studies from industries like yours and find out how an ID card system added value to their organization. Second, look at some product reviews from our most popular systems to get more valuable feedback.

Your biggest concern is probably cost. From a budget standpoint an ID card system is a large investment; but an investment with significant benefits and measurable results. Let’s look at the return on your ID card system investment.


This is a result that is hard to measure, but easy to see within any organization. When employees feel secure, their productivity naturally increases. Carrying a photo ID builds morale when an employee feels they are an important member of the team. From a building security perspective, you’ll easily differentiate who is authorized to be in the building, and who is a visitor. You may use a photo ID as a proximity card so building access is limited and monitored.

On school grounds, safety is just as important as the curriculum itself. Accounting for students and school visitors is a daily responsibility. Using an ID card system that identifies, tracks, and reports puts all the tools that schools require in one package.


Those words are music to everyone’s ears. We’re all looking for ways to work smarter with less money, and with better results. Look at several examples of this in your own work. If you’re currently using paper ID badges or paper laminates you’re probably incurring more cost than you think. Color badges require ink from your own printer; something that might not affect your budget if you have small production runs, but think into the future as your business grows. You’ll be going through more ink cartridges in a year’s time as opposed to buying an ID card system that is a one-time purchase with minimal consumable cost. Plastic ID badges also hold up over time. A plastic card lasts 20 times longer than a paper card, even if it’s laminated. This will save you a bundle on costly reprints that you would have with paper ID cards.

In a school environment, laminate cards eat up staff time with production and students can’t have their IDs right away. That means more staff time for someone to hunt down each student and pass out every ID once hundreds of cards have been laminated and slot punched. With an ID Maker system, each student gets their picture taken, or existing photos uploaded, and the card prints in as little as 30 seconds – with cafeteria services or library access on a magnetic strip right on the photo ID!

Let’s say you already have proximity or HID cards for your staff. You can easily transform each card into a photo ID using a plastic overlay. Take the picture, print it, and adhere it the existing proximity card for a dual-purpose secure ID badge.

You may already have a digital camera that is compatible with one of our systems. No problem! An IDville specialist will personally work with you to determine your equipment needs and put together a package that works for you. If you have questions about any of our ID card printer systems our System Specialists are always willing to help.


When you look and feel your best it shows. Professional ID badges enhance your image and show your pride. Others will want to work with your company from the sophisticated, confident image your ID badge conveys.


Business climates operate daily as fast as a text or Twitter update. In order to survive in today’s ever-evolving business environment, companies must be prepared for change. If you’re making a significant investment in an ID Maker system, it should grow with you. ID Maker upgrades are readily available and affordably priced. From a higher resolution camera, to advanced software, to a travel case, you’ll find what you need as your ID needs change. Supplies are easy to order either online, by fax, or phone.


No need to look to another company to print individual ID cards. That could take weeks and results are not immediate. Bring everything in-house with an ID Maker printer system. Create, produce, and maintain your own ID system without hidden costs and frustrating wait times.

Still don’t know where to start? We realize it can be overwhelming, so we’re here to get you started. Give us a call at 1.866.438.4553 to speak to an IDville System Specialist. Or request a FREE system selection guide for a side-by-side comparison of our complete line of ID Maker card systems.