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What is an ID Card System Anyway?

“What is an ID Card System?” While the title ID Card System may sound complicated it’s really just a fancy way of saying, “Here’s everything you need...

“What is an ID Card System?”

While the title ID Card System may sound complicated it’s really just a fancy way of saying, “Here’s everything you need to start your ID badging program.” ID Card Systems were developed to make it simple for companies and organizations to transition an old laminate badging program or start a new badging program. You get everything you need to begin designing and printing ID badges quickly, in one box, with the confidence that all of the pieces will work together effortlessly.

“So, what’s included?”

Most bundled systems will include a card printer, software, camera, printer ribbon and enough pvc cards to get started. It’s pretty straight forward.

“Can a system be upgraded or customized?”

Absolutely! Based on your needs and plans for your ID badging program there are several upgrades or customizations that may be of interest to you. These can include camera upgrades, mag stripe encoding, software upgrades, contactless encoding, custom holographic overlays and lamination. There are also items like extended warranties and protective printer cases which are good investments to help you get the most out of your ID printer.

“Is there anything I should watch out for when looking at ID Card Systems?”

Yes! Hidden costs. Probably the most important thing to pay attention to is the care you’ll receive after purchasing your ID Card System. Many companies will charge extra for training on how to use the printer and software. You’ll see these as an upgrade or extra option when you go through the selection process. The other key, is loaner printers. What happens if, down the road, your printer needs some repairs and you need to send it somewhere for those repairs? Will you be stuck without a printer or will you be supplied with a loaner printer so you can keep printing IDs no matter what? Some companies charge for loaner printers and some do not.

As far as basic system hardware items, most system bundles will offer you a camera but charge extra for a tripod. Many bundles also exclude a backdrop which is something you’ll want, to make your photo IDs look professional.

The point here is to make sure that as you price out different options you are comparing apples to apples! These extras add up fast and can quickly make a lower price, much higher.


“Is there anything I’ll need that isn’t included in the ID Card System?”

First, if your IDs are going to be worn, you’ll want to consider how. There are many options for wearing ID badges from simple, affordable id badge clips to custom lanyards that make your brand stand out. To make those decisions you’ll want to consider if the ID needs to be visible and if the ID will need to be scanned. Different accessory options provide different benefits. Second, if your ID is going to be worn, you will need a slot punch to punch a hole in the card so it can be attached to the accessory you choose. Finally, consider how many badges you will print in a given period compared to how many ribbons and cards come with the system you choose. You may want to buy extra to make sure you can print everything you need to.

“Why would I choose an ID Maker System from IDville over the competition?”

Let’s be honest, most companies have great customer service these days, it’s a must. And, for the most part, ID card printers are similar across all suppliers. So, there are really two key items that set IDville apart from the competition:

  1. REAL Free and Full Lifetime Support – We don’t charge you extra for software training or to explain how to change a ribbon or clean your printer. We don’t charge extra to help you trouble shoot a problem you are having. We don’t charge extra to send you a loaner if your printer needs maintenance. This is part of what we offer because being the best at customer service is who we are. Our dedicated Technical Support Staff is here to help you get the most out of your ID Card System for the life of that ID Card System!

  2. ID Maker 3.0 Software – Our proprietary software was developed with the end user in mind. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface will be similar to other software programs you use. Design the card you want by dragging and dropping or use a pre-built template. The database feature is simple to use and can be integrated with many different database systems. We don’t sell any other software because ours is simply the best. We encourage you to watch our demo and download the free trial to experience it for yourself.

If you have questions about what ID Card System is right for you talk to a system specialist. They will ask you a few simple questions and provide the direction you need to get your ID badging program up and running in no time!

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