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What to Consider When Buying an ID Card System

We know you have options for ID card systems available on the Internet. We also know smart customers pay attention to all the details. Why?

We know you have options for ID card systems available on the Internet. We also know smart customers pay attention to all the details. Why? Because details are where most companies hide all the yuck they don’t want you to know before you’re stuck with them. We like to do business another way. We like our customers and want them to like us back. So, with IDville, here is what you get in the details instead of the yuck…

1. Unmatched Customer Service

Our customer service and technical support are unmatched. We endeavor to answer every call in 15 seconds or less by a real person, no recording! 

2. FREE & FULL Lifetime ID Maker Support

Just as importantly, we stand behind you...always! IDville offers lifetime support on its ID Maker software and id card systems. You won't find this service anywhere else in the industry; and you definitely will not find it for FREE.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Buy it and try it with no risk. We stand behind our products, period. If you need to return an unused product for any reason, we'll be happy to credit your account, exchange the item, or give you a refund for the cost of the merchandise (if returned within 30 days from receipt of your order). All you need to do is return the item(s) along with the packing slip; it's that easy.

4. Free Hot Swap program

We stand by our products and if it needs to be sent in for repair for any reason, we will send you the same printer or better so you don’t have to miss a beat.

5. Same-Day Shipping

Place your order with us by 6 p.m. EST ship that same day, so you don’t have to wait to implement safety and security initiatives. For products that include engraving, like signage, all you have to do is approve your proof by 3 p.m., and we’ll ship your order same day, too! Custom orders have different ship times. Talk to one of our representatives for more information!

6. ID Maker Software

All of our ID Maker systems come with IDville's simple and flexible ID Maker 3.0 software, which allows you to create the professional ID cards you want - color, logo, photo and type - so quickly and easily you'll be amazed.

7. Easy Ordering & Reordering

At IDville, we try to make your ID-related purchases as stress-free as possible every time you purchase. That is why we encourage you to create an account for easy reordering and also why we sell all of our systems with everything you need to get started - one complete package! Not sure which supplies you need? Call the system specialist now at 1.866.438.4553!

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