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5 Steps to Start a Successful ID Program

If you are seriously considering implementing an employee identification program, do you even know where to start?!

1.  Compile quotes and do your research – basically you’re going to need an ID Card Printer System. Which is made up of a printer, camera, card design software and consumables like ribbon (ink) and blank cards. You can buy any of these items at numerous online retailers but the real difference is the support the retailer will give you after you purchase.

2.  Read the fine print – Printers don’t fix themselves and nobody has time to figure that out. Make sure your vendor isn’t going to charge you extra for help and training. That adds up and no one likes surprise charges. Not to toot our own horn but we excel in this department. Just check out our IDville Difference.

3.  Buying a printer system may seem expensive but it’ll last a long time. When you do the math, it comes out to about $0.69 per card wit hour printer systems. That’s much easier to swallow.

4.  Again, don’t buy a printer system without a dedicated tech team backing it up. You’ll regret it.

5.  Designing your ID card is fun but software is often not user friendly. If you can, get a free trial of the software before you buy it. Try our ID Maker Software if you want, we hear it's awesome.

Now here is an extremely satisfying gif of us checking off your to do list.

There is nothing more satisfying then checking off every item on your to-do list. Now Enjoy this GIF. Ahh, that hits the spot.

In all seriousness, our goal is to make your workplace safer and your job easier. So sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you.

Our team of dedicated ID Specialists help you think through all the important questions before you buy so you get exactly what you need. Not too much, not too little. We'll ask questions like:

  • What will the card be used for?
  • Will you be printing on both sides of the card or just one?
  • What security features will you need?


If you want to know everything about making a killer ID Program download our eBook: How to Start an Effective ID Program. We've compiled everything you need to know to start a successful identification program. 

ID cards should be solving a problem, not creating one. Take a look and call us with any remaining questions. We’d love it if you chose IDville as your provider, and honestly, we do a much better job than your other options but even if we aren't your choice, we want to help along the way.

The key take-away (are you paying attention):


Pay close attention to the hidden fees like software training and tech support. Learn more about this and other key nuggets in our beginner eBook.

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