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4 Tips for Bringing Your ID Printer Out of Retirement

Let’s be honest. It’s been a while since you used your ID printer. In fact, this might be your first time doing it if that responsibility recently landed on you.

1. Make sure that there is the latest driver and software installed on the computer. Without the driver and software, you won’t be able to do anything. The computer won’t recognize the printer connected. The good news is this is very easy. The latest driver for your specific printer and software can be downloaded from:

2. If the printer has been sitting for longer than a month without being used, clean it. I don’t mean wipe it down with a rag, who you might want to do that too. I mean run the printer through a cleaning cycle. Kind of like you would with your coffee maker or laundry machine.

3. Try it! Go ahead and try using the printer once you get everything plugged in. You are going to need your printer, blank PVC cards and a ribbon/ink. If you need help learning the ID Maker software or how to install your ribbon/ink check our IDville tech support page or the IDville YouTube channel.

4. If you are have issues, check to see if our troubleshooting guide can help:

Easy Button: Remember, if you’d rather just call and talk to our tech team, we are available between 9a – 6pm ET. That’s one of the perks of working with IDville that no one else offers.

Happy printing!


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