Customer Survey Top Takeaways

Surveys sound boring but hey, aren’t you interested to see how your answers stack up against our other customers?!

1. What's Most Important?


Not surprising is that price is most important, closely followed by quality. What is surprising is that speed of delivery is near the bottom of the priority scale. Take that, Amazon Prime! But, we have same-day shipping anyways. The goal is to kick butt in all these categories, but aligning our efforts with your priorities will help you have an awesome experience with us as a brand. So, how are we doing so far?


2. Why Do You Choose IDville?



Our customers continue to shop with us because we meet their expectations in their two most important categories: price and quality. Why yes, our product quality is above other suppliers. And yes, we work hard to make sure we can provide them at a price that fits in your tight budget. You might be able to find cheaper supplies out there but, unfortunately, it’s cheap for a reason.


3. How Satisfied Are You?


We want to be completely transparent with you. It looks like customers aren’t as happy with our prices as product quality and speed of delivery but remember, many of our customers buy from us because of our prices. Confused? I’m not surprised by this. Who doesn’t want things cheaper, right? Our prices may be fine, but cheaper always sounds good. To help you stay on budget, we sometimes run sales and other promotions, so make sure you’re signed up for our emails.

Now let’s look at some thoughts from customers who have purchased ID printer systems. . .


4. Why Did You Choose IDville For Your Printer System?


Printers are expensive so understandably, price is a big deal. Like all our other products, we pride ourselves in providing a great product at an affordable price, so this is great feedback! We offer everything you need to start an ID card program in one box and if that’s not enough, our technical training and support is completely FREE and unlimited for the life of the product! Our competitors tend to hide their costly fees. That’s why it’s so important to really understand the fine print and hidden fees.

So, is free service good service? Heck yeah it is!



5. What More Do You Want?

We’re thrilled our customers are happy, but we won’t stop there. We listen to what you want and then give it to you!


Turns out designing IDs is easier said than done. So guess what, we refreshed our sample ID cards page to give you some insight to what others are doing in your industry. We’re also starting a video series that’s all about using our card design software, ID Maker 3.0, so you can do everything from getting started to using all the pro status features. Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so you see all the new ones when they come out!

To sum it up, we’re thrilled to provide a needed service to our customer and do it in a way that puts a smile on their faces, but we can’t stop there. Thanks to your feedback we continue to get better and direct our efforts toward what you actually care about.

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