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Creating Effective ID Badges: eBook

We performed a customer survey and guess what, you answered! Out of about 1,000 responses, our customer most wanted resource was ID card creation tutorials.



So we set out to uncover all the best tips and tricks for designing effective ID cards and even made some pretty neat samples. We published a blog series titled Creating Effective ID Badges and it was immediately a fan favorite.  We gave a lot of great recommendations for designing your own cards, but we wanted to polish it up and put a nice little bow around it.

Introducing our newest eBook



Skim this eBook and you’ll be ready to design your new and improved ID. It’s basically all the fan favorite blog posts put into one place with some extra pro tips and updated examples. Our hope is that you take a look, pass it around and design some killer IDs.

Of course, these tips work for everyone but if you haven’t used ID Maker 3.0 card design software here is a free 30-day trial. You’ll find that it makes creating a professional card super easy.

We also started a Youtube playlist about ID Maker tutorials so take a look at that and subscribe to our channel, so you can get all the new video tutorials as they come out.

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