3 Ways to Wow Your Students Back to School

The return to in-person learning can be stressful and intimidating for many students, so it is important to make them feel both welcomed and secure.

  1. Customized Student ID Badges

    Student IDs can be used for a variety of purposes. From building access to simple identification, a good ID card is vital for a seamless transition back to school.

    Our easy-to-use software, ID Maker 3.0, allows you to input your student database for a simplified card design process. Easily include information such as name, photo, and grade level.

    Student ID Cards have a variety of additional capabilities that go beyond identification. You can use proximity cards for increased security and encode a magnetic strip or QR code for uses such as lunch payments or library use.

    Building security should be a top priority of any school or organization. Proximity cards are contactless cards that can be read without insertion into a card reader. They can be left in a wallet or bag and still serve their purpose, making them perfect for students on the go.

    Although subtle, these changes help make things as simple as possible for both incoming and returning students.

  2. Custom Lanyards

    Custom lanyards are a great way to get students excited about the new school year, especially if it is there first time back in-person. Our lanyards offer a variety of customizations such as fabrics, colors, fonts, attachments, and more.

    First off, you’ll have to choose from the different imprint methods: Screen print, Embroidered, or Dye-Sublimation.

    Next up is picking a fabric (if applicable for your print method.) Learn more about the different fabrics here.

    Lastly, pick out your colors, font, and attachment. Consider using a badge reel to make the lanyard extra easy to use.

    Custom lanyards can help to boost school spirit while simultaneously making students easily identifiable.

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  3. School Swag

    As fun as ID card swag is, students deserve even more than cool custom lanyards after the year we’ve had.

    Try rolling out some new school swag to get students excited about coming back to school and help boost school spirit. It is important that we all work towards building the community that many students have missed out on in the past year. Although it may not seem like it, new school merch may be able to help with that (and maybe some new student IDs too).

    The new school year will be here before you know it. Start preparing for your students now.

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