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2021 Trends in Photo IDs

While the market for photo IDs is trending upward, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the projections. Photo IDs are more in demand than ever.

Across the globe, many organizations are now deciding how to use forms of ID to show who has been vaccinated.

So far, local governments are making their own recommendations based on decisions made at the state level. So check with your district health authority to help with any governance questions.

More 2021 Trends in Photo IDs

While the pandemic is still front-of-mind for everyone, there are a range of other trends in photo IDs.

●     The use of QR codes on IDs. Consider the applications for QR codes on IDs. School districts can use them for payments for lunch items - and cross-checking for allergies; librarians can use them for checking out library books. Public safety and gyms could use them for signing out equipment or checking in for classes. Home health care and nursing home staff can use them for scanning medications to patients.

Many restaurants are currently using QR codes as a cost-effective and contactless alternative to printed menus. Whether on coasters or laminated stands, it’s one less thing for people to touch and spread germs.

●     Contactless proximity cards and fobs. While we’re all looking for ways to stop the spread of germs, we know going contactless is a huge step.

Contactless proximity cards to open doors are a necessity. Our IDville proximity cards can be formatted to fit your existing door access system and readers. Depending on the type you choose, UltraSecureCards can ship as soon as 48 hours after your order is placed.

●     IDs for teachers to get vaccines. High-quality photo IDs are not only a necessity for access points throughout a district, but also for identification when accessing systems and protocol for the COVID-19 vaccines.            

Student ID cards serve a variety of purposes outside of photo identification, and can provide access to such amenities as borrowing books at the school library, attending school events, receiving discounts at local stores and movie theaters, and much more.

●     Medical staff photo IDs for security. While every health system already uses photo ID badges for security, with the many precautions of COVID-19 PPE, it can be hard to create a human connection when it comes to patient care.

Seeing faces while wearing masks is a huge emotional connection point. Showcasing kindness, compassion and empathy goes a long way in patient care, especially in the physically distanced and limited interactions in home health care and nursing home facilities.

Increasing the photo ID quality can go a long way in helping to foster those human connections.

Enterprise, medical, public services and education have many opportunities to utilize excellent quality photo IDs in 2021.

If you’re looking for more ways to use photo IDs or extend the life of your ID badges, contact an IDville expert today to talk through your options.


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