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Benefits of Photo ID Badges

by david 10. December 2013 08:35

Have you been considering the implementation of an ID badge policy at your organization? Below are several benefits of requiring your team to wear ID badges while at work that might help tip the scales toward ID badge use.



1. Safety & Security

2. Visitor Management

3. Time & Attendance

4. Improved Team Morale 

5. Customer Service

6. Student Services Combination 

7. Company Branding

Safety & Security-One of the most obvious and most important reasons for team members to wear ID badges is safety of the people and security of the assets in your building. Whether in a business, hospital, school or warehouse, safety should be a huge priority. ID badges are an uncomplicated way of identifying and safeguarding students, staff, visitors or customers. ID badges can also be used for external and internal door access to keep your building, assets and paperwork secure and determine who will have access to which areas of your company. Without policies to show who should be in the building and where they should or shouldn’t be, people will be able to just come and go at will. 

Visitor Management-The use of ID badges in schools or businesses by all staff and/or students allows you to know who’s in your building and what the purpose and duration of the visit is. Requiring your students and staff or employees to display an ID badge will ensure that you can distinguish who should or shouldn’t be on property. For added visitor control, IDville’s Visitor Management solutions will benefit any industry. 

Time & Attendance-ID badges can also be a great tool for time clocks. This allows team members to clock hours efficiently while avoiding the hassle of maintaining a time card. Simply adding a barcode to your ID badge design for your time and attendance system will result in less paperwork and filing due to more efficient and streamlined timekeeping processes.

Team Morale-Having all team members wear an ID badge will improve everyone’s sense of inclusion. It will also allow a great opportunity for employees to recognize each other by name when passing by, even if they don’t work together regularly. Customizable ID badge accessories can also help to create a sense of unity among your team, regardless of position or department. Some companies have even begun setting up programs with local businesses where their employees will receive discounts by showing their ID badge – what a great way for your team to really feel important! 

Customer Service-If you’re in the service industry, requiring the display of ID badges allows customers to easily identify employees and put a face with a name, both building a rapport between the customer and employee and increasing employee accountability. Customers will be more apt to be able to address employees by their first name and because their name is prominently displayed, employees will be more likely to “be on their best behavior” while at work. Also, when customers can easily locate an employee when they need assistance this will improve the customer experience – boosting your company reputation. 

Student Services Combination-There has been an increase in schools using student ID badges for more than just student identification. Several schools have added functionality to ID badges for library check-out, meal credit, access to residence halls, equipment check-out, student sporting events and activity admittance, lab access or even for discounts at local businesses. 

Branding-Having an appealing, memorable ID badge is a great way to promote your company brand to both current and potential customers. By designing attractive, full-color ID badges prominently displaying your company name, logo and brand colors, you’re creating a great branding tool and customers will easily recognize your brand in the future. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple photo ID badge to identify people on property or you want a badge with “the works”, a simple decision to implement an ID badge policy will open numerous doors to future possibilities with those ID badges. Advances in technology create increasing uses for ID badges and the possibilities will continue to grow. With the security, convenience and improvements in customer service and team morale, an ID badge system pays for itself many times over.

Why choose IDville for your photo identification needs?

by Kayla 23. April 2013 10:04
We know that there are lots of options for ID cards, systems, and accessories available on the Internet, and if you haven’t purchased from us before, you may wonder, why should I choose IDville? In addition to more than 12 years of experience in the industry, you experience the best service in the industry when you work with IDville:

1. Unmatched Customer Service
Our customer service and technical support are unmatched. We endeavor to answer every call in 15 seconds or less by a real person, no recording!

2. Same-Day Shipping
Place your order with us by 6 p.m. EST ship that same day, so you don’t have to wait to implement safety and security initiatives. For products that include engraving, like signage, all you have to do is approve your proof by 3 p.m., and we’ll ship your order same day, too! Custom orders have different ship times. Talk to one of our representatives for more information!

3. FREE & FULL Lifetime ID Maker Support
Just as importantly, we stand behind you...always! IDville offers lifetime support on its ID Maker software and systems and Quantix Time & Attendance packages. You won't find this service anywhere else in the industry; and you definitely will not find it for FREE.

4. Easy Ordering & Reordering
At IDville, we try to make your ID-related purchases as stress-free as possible every time you purchase. That is why we encourage you to create an account for easy reordering and also why we sell all of our systems with everything you need to get started - one complete package! Not sure which supplies you need? Try our Printer Supplies Locator to find exactly what type of supplies you need for your ID printer. 

5. ID Maker Software
All of our ID Maker systems come with IDville's simple and flexible ID Maker 3.0 software, which allows  you to create exactly the ID cards you want - color, logo, photo and type - so quickly and easily you'll be amazed.

6. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Buy it and try it with no risk. We stand behind our products, period. If you need to return an unused product for any reason, we'll be happy to credit your account, exchange the item, or give you a refund for the cost of the merchandise (if returned within 30 days from receipt of your order). All you need to do is return the item(s) along with the packing slip; it's that easy. 
Get a hold of one of our system specialists today! Call us at 1.866.438.4553 or email me.  

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What can Quantix Time and Attendance do for you?

by Kayla 17. July 2012 09:15
It’s easy to get stuck in a process where you’ve done it for so long that it becomes routine and you’re just comfortable with it. Don’t get in a rut with your time and attendance process. It’s more important than ever to ensure that employees are providing accurate time records and that you’re complying with company standards. 
The Quantix system is a streamlined program that easily integrates with payroll, simply imports current employee files, and quickly produces attendance reports. With an automated time and attendance system, you’re able to cut the clerical work, prevent time theft, and save time and money.
  Find out how Quantix can help you!
    Quantix Time and Attendace helps save time!  
What can Quantix do for supervisors?   
-View and edit employee timecards
-View in/out board with last punch
-View infractions, hours, and overtime
-View and edit employee schedules
-View personnel data
-Run PDF or excel attendance reports
What can Quantix do for employees?
-View timecards and either clock in/out, transfer departments, or fill out their timesheets
-View schedules
-View personnel data
No matter where employees are working, if they can access the internet, they can clock in and out, allocate time to a project or client, or request time off with Quantix Time and Attendance. It’s the power of time-keeping, in real-time, at their fingertips.  
Wondering if Quantix is right for you? Try out our free ROI Calculator to see how much you could save with a streamlined system. Or try Quantix FREE for 30 days! Learn more about your free trial. 
Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers. 

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Time and Attendance

Raffle prizes. Giveaways. Free photo ID system demos. IDville’s the booth to visit!

by Kayla 24. June 2012 16:45

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition started off with a bang! Everyone arrived yesterday and there is excitement everywhere. Exhibitors worked all day and night to put the finishing touches on their booths in hopes to have everything ready to go for this afternoon’s exhibitor grand opening. There are over 650 vendors and 13,000 attendees and we’re excited to be a part of this event for the second year in a row! We have lots of exciting things happening at our booth, #2105.

• Raffles: We are raffling off 2 sets of 2 tickets to one of Atlanta’s most popular attractions, the Georgia Aquarium, and a $200 Visa gift card. All you have to do is stop by and enter to win!
• Giveaways: Free badge reels for your photo ID badge will be available all day at our booth. 
• Demos: Watch live demos of our ID Maker photo identification system and Quantix time and attendance system.  You can request a free ID system or Quanitx information packet to help you better understand which system is best for your business needs.

Learn more about SHRM
The latest version of ID Maker software provides the tools needed to create bold, secure, and professional IDs. IDville also offers all of the accessories and supplies that are necessary to keep your ID front and center.

Quantix time and attendance system is one of the newer IDville product offerings. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option, it is an easy to use and affordable web-based solution for small businesses looking to streamline attendance and payroll.

For those of you who aren’t able to attend the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can be in the know with live updates and pictures!

Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers.

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ID card systems | Time and Attendance

Meet Your IDville Team!

by Kayla 20. June 2012 09:30

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition is right around the corner. I hope you’re able to make it to this year’s event for outstanding learning opportunities and the chance to meet over 650 vendors in the Exhibit Hall who are there to help you and your organization as human resource professionals. But before you make your way to Atlanta, take a few moments and meet your IDville team who will be at this year’s Exhibit in booth #2105.

Learn more about SHRMMeet Dan: Dan is IDville’s General Manager and oversees all product management and marketing for the IDville brand. Around IDville, he is known for the catchphrase, “talk to me,” and his not-so-secret designer past. Dan lived in Atlanta for over 3 years so if you’re looking for some fun things to do on your downtime, stop by and ask him for some native tips!

Meet Falon: Falon is IDville’s Product Manager with over 7 years marketing and product experience. She is known for her exquisite taste in identification products and her three beautiful young sons. Falon’s birthday is on Sunday so be sure to swing by and wish her a happy birthday!

Meet David: David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over 9 years product and sales experience. Around IDville, he is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have even seen him in one of our IDville catalogs.) David plans to attend over 30 tradeshows this year alone! Who knows, maybe you’ve seen him at a previous tradeshow. Stop by, say hello, and meet the “Road Warrior.”

Meet Kayla: Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over 3 years marketing experience. She is eager to share her social media savvy and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers. As the newest IDville team member, this is Kayla’s first time attending SHRM. Stop by to welcome her and share some of your SHRM experiences. You might have more in common than you think!

Our IDville team will perform live demos of our ID Maker photo identification system and Quantix time and attendance system. We are excited to show you how easy it can be to implement a photo ID system and a streamlined time & attendance system into your organization.

We will also have great raffle prizes such as a $200 Visa gift card and 2 sets of 2 tickets to the popular Atlanta attraction, the Georgia Aquarium. Stop by and enter to win at booth #2105. We look forward to seeing you!

Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers.

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Identification and security experts expand presence at SHRM 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition

by Kayla 12. June 2012 02:00

I’m excited to announce that IDville, the leading identification and security expert for business, education, healthcare, and government, is attending the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition at the Georgia World Congress Center, June 24-26, for the second year in a row! In booth #2105 IDville will perform live demos of its ID Maker™ photo identification system and Quantix™ time and attendance system. 

Learn more about SHRM 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition 
IDville will have its ID Maker all-in-one photo identification system available for demos at booth #2105. The latest version of ID Maker software provides the tools needed to create bold, secure, and professional ID cards. IDville also offers all of the accessories and supplies that are necessary for employee ID cards such as badge holders, badge reels, and lanyards. Attendees will be able to request free systems information packets to learn more. 

Quantix time and attendance system is one of the newest IDville product offerings. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option, it is an easy-to-use and affordable web-based solution for small businesses looking to streamline attendance and payroll. Quantix cuts clerical work, prevents time theft, and allows access to personalized support. Visit IDville’s booth #2105 to learn more about a free 30 day trial of Quanitx along with free professional demos to highlight the product’s features and functionality.

Whether employees are working from home, in the air, or on the road, they can easily clock in and out, allocate time to a project, and even request time off. 

Those that attend the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition and stop by IDville’s booth #2105 will have the chance to enter a drawing to win one of several great giveaways. At the conclusion of Monday’s sessions, IDville will give away 2 sets of 2 tickets to the popular Atlanta attraction, the Georgia Aquarium. There will also be a $200 Visa gift card raffled off at the conclusion of the 2012 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition.

IDville has provided photo identification systems and accessories to the HR industry for over 10 years. The company’s proprietary ID Maker software simplifies the process of identifying employees and staff and has been a favorite among human resource managers for years.

I’m very excited to attend SHRM for the first time this year in Atlanta. I look forward to meeting the attendees and showing others the benefits of our ID Maker system and Quantix Time and Attendance system. See you there!

Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers.

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June is National Safety Month: Promote Safety with ID Maker & Quantix!

by Kayla 7. June 2012 09:35

It’s National Safety Month! Every year during the month of June, the National Safety Council encourages organizations to get involved and participate in National Safety Month. How do you plan to participate in promoting safety this year?

Here's a little background information: National Safety Month is an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. At  IDville  we’re excited to participate in National Safety Month by promoting visitor management tools and ID Maker™ Systems to ensure the safety of all staff and visitors.
Learn more about National Safety Month
Tracking visitors is an important part of ensuring safety, but it can easily get overlooked if a visitor management system hasn’t been implemented. Not only does it keep buildings safe from theft and violence, it promotes a feeling of security and well-being throughout organizations.  If your organization doesn’t encounter a high volume of visitors on a daily basis, our temporary ID systems and visitor bundles include everything you need to start your visitor program.

Photo identification systems go hand-in-hand with safety when it comes to the staff that makes up your organization. The ID Maker System is a quick and simple solution to identify who has authorization to be on the premises, who is a visitor, and who is a staff member. Utilizing HID Prox cards for ID badges permits access control to each person who enters the building and promotes a higher level of security.

During National Safety Month each week is centered on a critical safety issue. This year’s issues include Employee Wellness, Ergonomics, Fall Prevention, and Driving Safety. Workplace safety is one of the most critical functions of any organization. Whether it’s ensuring the physical safety of your employees or providing a sense of security, it’s vital to ensure each and every staff member knows what is expected of them when it comes to safety.

There are various fun ways to engage your employees in National Safety Month. I suggest committing to having one meeting a week centered on the weekly topic and have a trivia game at the end. You can reward employees for participating with an extended lunch break, gift cards, coupons, etc. Or why not round up some teams to help perform A Million Acts of Safety. It’s a great way to get your employees involved and help promote workplace safety in your organization and in the community. Happy National Safety Month!

Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers.

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Time and Attendance | ID card systems

Make 2012 the Year of the Automated Time and Attendance System

by todd 24. January 2012 07:00

In 2012, competition is as fierce as ever, and your internal processes need to be smarter, faster, and leaner in order to stay ahead. Is your time and attendance system helping or hurting your goals?

Time and attendance systems are integral to organizations with hourly employees by providing accurate employee time records and meeting compliance standards. But if you don’t have an automated system, you may be surprised at how much your current system is costing your organization.

Studies show it takes about seven minutes to enter each timecard per pay period, so when you automate the timecard process with a time clock, you can save thousands. For example, a manager with ten reports who enters timecards every other week will spend thirty hours entering timecards in one year. That’s thirty hours per manager that could be better spent in your organization.
Learn more about the Quantix automated time and attendance solution

By implementing a smarter, faster, and leaner system in 2012, you can free up time for your IT team, Human Resources, and managers to spend on more strategic initiatives.

 Smarter
Time and attendance systems integrate with your payroll and keep all necessary information in one place. You also have more reporting capabilities, so you can generate standard reports covering schedules, personnel, departments, and payroll. Or create your own custom reports for your unique needs.

 Faster
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance systems give your organization the most up-to-date version of your program. SaaS is web-based, so it doesn’t require installation on servers or timely update downloads.

Plus, you can have a new SaaS time and attendance program up and running in a matter of days, not weeks and you don’t have to get the IT department involved. Plus, online training tutorials allow you to become familiar with the new system on your time.

 Leaner
Reduce the clerical work required in your current timecard reporting process by automating employee punches with a time clock. Managers will eliminate the need to manually enter time cards, providing thousands in time savings for your organization.

Want more information? Discover how much your organization could save with an automated time and attendance system with our Return on Investment Calculator, and you could become the Office Super Hero this year.


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

Streamline Payroll Responsibilities with New Time and Attendance System

by Falon 22. September 2011 08:54
How does your organization track employee hours? If you’re still manually calculating pay rules by hand, mediating discrepancies between managers and employees, and dread payroll time, it’s time for an upgrade! 

It’s time to try Quantix time and attendance system  which will automate your time and attendance process and eliminate your payroll-related headaches. Quantix is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option, so it requires no servers or software to be installed on your network and can be up-and-running in days, not months! 

Using Quantix time and attendance system, your supervisors will have the ability to view and edit employee timecards in real-time. Administrators can generate attendance reports with ease and export payroll reports ready for processing – no more manual data entry! The reduction in clerical work has been shown to save companies thousands of dollars a year. Plus, employees enrolled in the system can view their time cards, schedules, and time banks without having to go through human resources or their manager.

Learn more about QuantixThe Quantix system  was designed to meet the needs of smaller organizations by providing a rapidly accessible, economical, and easy-to-use system to track time and attendance without all of the complex features that slow down training and implementation. 

Quantix has several features that will streamline your payroll responsibilities:

Reports – You can quickly generate reports covering schedules, time and attendance, personnel, departments, and payroll.

Security – Quantix keeps your company’s information in the right hands. All users are assigned security roles that define their level of access.

Technology – Quantix operates on a variety of web browsers, so every member of your team should have easy access!

Employee Self-Service – Employees will be able to answer many of their own HR and payroll questions with access to the Quantix system.

Training – Quick training guides are available online so you can complete your Quantix training when and wherever you want!

Workforce Visibility – In addition to collecting, processing, and integrating payroll-related data, Quantix provides real-time visibility of your entire workforce – no matter how big or small!

Wondering if Quantix is right for you? Complete our ROI Calculator  to discover how much money you could save with a streamlined system. To learn more about the Quantix time and attendance system, request a Quantix Information Pack.  
Falon is the IDville Product Manager with over six years marketing and product experience. Falon is known for her exquisite taste in identification products and her two beautiful young sons. 

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Time and Attendance

Top 10 Signs Your Time and Attendance System is Obsolete

by todd 18. August 2011 08:55

In the past decade, time and attendance technology has advanced rapidly. As we know all too well, if you can’t keep up with the latest technology you may soon find yourself with an obsolete system that increases your costs and lowers workforce productivity. The following ten signs will help you spot areas where your time and attendance system may be failing your organization.

Different buildings should not equal different time and attendance systems. A retail company with seven different locations was utilizing outdated time and attendance software, requiring  separate software installation at each location. Without a central database for all of their employees, information management was unable to get accurate company-wide time tracking reports and managing leave requests was an error-prone manual process. The resulting management nightmare hindered decision making, and lowered overall workforce productivity.

If you have multiple locations, or may add new locations in the future, there are time and attendance solutions capable of providing complete and immediate visibility to your workforce. Using one system that works at each of your locations is less cumbersome, generally less expensive and ultimately leads to an improved analysis of your workforce.

Basic time and attendance software that only manages hours worked will not have the functionality necessary to automate leave requests or track benefit accruals. Providing employees with access to their own benefit accruals information eliminates the calls and questions to HR about earned vacation time. The additional time consuming process of sending, approving, and storing leave request forms is also automated by advanced time and attendance systems. In fact, some software is capable of email notification to all appropriate personnel of the leave request, such as the supervisor or HR manager.

Update Your Time and Attendance System
If your time and attendance system looks like this, it's time for an upgrade!

If you have a time and attendance system in place, the last thing you should be doing is pulling out your calculator to enter in a complicated pay rule. Lower end time and attendance systems have very little flexibility regarding pay rules, which is why their costs can be enticingly low. Time and attendance systems should be able to handle most, if not all, of your complex pay rules.

Ideally, the implementation team of your time and attendance provider will set up your complex pay rules for you in addition to having customizable settings so you can make changes on your own in the future. Once the pay rules are set up in the system, you will have reduced the time it takes to run payroll with the added benefit of increased accuracy and fairness throughout the company.

If your employees are failing to record their time with your current time tracking system, you may want to think twice before admonishing them. American TV, a retail store with multiple locations in the Midwest, felt that their time and attendance system may be to blame instead. They were right. With only one or two time clocks at each location, employees were never close enough to a clock to make recording their time simple and efficient. As a result, large amounts of missing punches on their time cards led to an increased workload for HR and eliminated the benefits of accuracy with their time system.

American TV searched for a superior time and attendance system capable of resolving the issue of missing punches and improving accuracy and efficiency. By selecting a system that utilized an XML API, a technology that aids with integration, American TV was able to set up each of their point-of-sale terminals as a time clock that automatically records the time of the employee working at that station. As a result, employees could quickly record their time and attendance tracking accuracy was greatly improved.

FLSA class action lawsuits outnumber all other employment lawsuits combined. Employers can face stiff penalties for non-compliance such as liquidated damages, millions of dollars in back pay, attorneys fees and government fines. Some of the most common and costly mistakes include unpaid work, failure to abide by both state and federal regulations, employees classified incorrectly and keeping poor records. In most courts, if the employer has kept poor records and there is a dispute regarding hours worked by the employee, the employee wins. An automated time and attendance system should provide detailed reports and store historical data for all employees for at least three years. Additionally, the time tracking system shows no bias toward employees, which means all of your pay rules are applied fairly across your entire workforce. Some time accounting programs are also capable of aiding with FMLA tracking, which can be difficult and may lead to lawsuits if not handled properly.

Read the rest of "Top 10 Signs Your Time and Attendance System is Obsolete"  on


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills. 

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