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Two may be better than one!

by Falon 7. August 2012 09:35
Single-sided or dual-sided? It’s one of the first questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a photo identification printer.  Depending on how you intend to use your ID cards will determine which type of printer you should purchase. 
The main different between the single and dual-sided printers is the amount of printing space per card. A one-sided card will have very limited space whereas a dual-sided card provides extra room for additional information. A dual-sided card has capabilities to add a barcode, magnetic stripe, or even a fingerprint for added security. On the back of the card you can also add valuable information that you don’t want displayed on the front such as, emergency contact information, mission statement, or an address where lost cards can be returned to. 
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If you plan to display your ID cards with a lanyard or badge reel, you may want to duplicate important information from the front of the ID card, to the back. Cards can easily get turned over and you want to make sure that the proper information is always displayed.
Not sure that you’ll need a dual-sided printer? We have another option! You can choose an ID card printer that is field-upgradable. These printers can be converted from a one-sided to a two-sided printer, like our ID Maker Printer, without a major expense to you. 
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Falon is the IDville Project Manager with over seven years marketing and product experience. Falon is known for her exquisite taste in identification products and her three beautiful young sons.

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