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ID Card Resources For You

by Kelli 12. February 2013 09:45
If you’re interested in learning more about ID card systems but don’t know where to start, our ID experts have put together resources just for you! Read white papers, watch videos, or request an info packet today. 

ID System Information Packet - This packet includes a sample ID card and badge accessory. The packet compares and contrasts our best selling ID Maker Systems, so you can decide which one is right for you and your company. Request your free information packet.  

See How ID Maker Works – Our newest version of ID Maker, 3.0 is the most robust, easy-to-use product for designing, printing, and encoding your ID cards. 3.0 is now compatible with popular networking and database management systems, bringing user-friendly ID card management to your office! See it in action. 

   Visitor our Reference Library!

Visitor our Reference Library to learn more! 

“Why Identify” White Paper – Making the decision and investment to purchase an ID card system is something that you need to justify with your organization. Our free white paper gives you all the information and data that you need to help you do just that! Plus, it also talks about the added benefits for several industries, such as education, government, and healthcare. Download the white paper.  

Case Studies - If you’re unsure how an ID card system could be used in your organization, take a moment and browse the case studies in our Knowledge Center. These provide industry information and give a clear picture of an organization before adopting an ID card system and after. Read case studies.  

If you have any questions, call one of our ID experts today at 1.866.438.4553 or email me. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and working with you as your adopt a photo identification system in your business! 

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Your “Top 5 Questions Regarding Photo ID Systems” Answered

by david 15. May 2012 12:03
Whether you’re a government agency or healthcare provider; educational institution or manufacturing facility; your business has a compelling reason to use photo identification. Determining if your company has a need for a photo identification system is easy. The time consuming part is deciding what kind of photo ID system to implement. Let me answer some of the most common questions I get asked as a System Expert. 

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1. What system will work best for my needs?
That depends. How many IDs do you plan to print in a year? Do you want single or dual-sided printed cards? Do you need a high level of security? Most importantly, what will your budget allow? No matter what features you need; we have the right photo ID system for you. 

2. What does my Photo ID System include?
Everything you need to start creating and printing IDs right out of the box! Each of our photo ID systems includes our ID Maker Pro software, a card printer, a Cam, a white backdrop, (1) full-color YMCKO printer ribbon and 100-500 PVC ID cards. 

3. What are the differences between PVC ID cards and laminate ID cards?  
PVC vs. laminate ID cards: PVC ID cards must be printed using a photo ID printer with special printing technologies. Laminate IDs  can be printed from any inkjet or laser printer on our 40lb. photo-quality paper stock and then laminated using a laminator and laminates. PVC ID cards result in better image quality in turn giving your organization a sharper representation.

4. What do I need to ensure my IDs are visible? IDs may be worn around the neck, inside of a badge holder, or attached to a badge reel. Lanyards are worn around the neck and keep your ID visible on your chest. We offer many different colors and styles depending on your budget. Click here to see our all of our lanyards. 

To keep your ID protected from the elements, keep it inside of a badge holder. Badge holders come in many different styles, from clear, to colored, to sealable, to hard plastic. Click here to view our badge holder selection.  

Badge Reels are great for IDs being used with a time & attendance or door access system. Most retractable badge reels extend up to 36 inches, making your ID easily accessible and visible at the same time. You can even customize your badge reels with your company name and logo and even each individual team member's name. Click here to see all of our badge reel options. 

5. I’m having issues? Can you help me?
Of course we can! Give us a call at 1-866-438-4553 or email us at Did you know we provide free lifetime support? You can also visit our tech support page to find electronic copies of your printer or software manual and trouble-shooting guides.  

Does this answer all of your questions? I doubt it. That’s why our System Experts are here to help walk you through the process of purchasing a photo ID system. The ID Maker 2.0 software  gives you the tools you need to create bold, secure, and professional IDs right from your desktop. It’s that easy. Request your FREE systems information packet today, and you’ll be that much closer to having a photo ID system implemented in your company! 
David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!) 

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Photo ID System Creates Secure ID Badges for Quiksilver Employees

by david 3. August 2011 09:00

Quiksilver, Inc. is a sportswear apparel company that designs, produces and distributes clothing, surf, skate and snow equipment for young-minded people. Started by Alan Green and John Law in 1970, Quiksilver quickly became a phenomenon and is now sold all over the world. Currently employing approximately 3,500 people, the business continues to be run on its original principals of word-of-mouth, quality and unbelievable service.

Todd Dickson, Quiksilver's director of building security, came to IDville in search of an up-to-date photo ID system that was "user-friendly and that did not break down every other day!!" (We could guarantee that!) He needed a photo ID system that would allow him to create different types of badges on one system.

Create your own employee photo ID cards
Create your own employee photo ID cards.

With thousands of employees at different levels within the company, I knew Dickson needed an affordable way to create unique IDs. He was going to be printing a lot of photo ID cards with Quiksilver being such a large company.

When Dickson contacted IDville he had some questions regarding the photo ID system choices. "The IDville representatives were very well-versed with the product which showed me a lot. Although cost was a big factor in our decision, as the prices are very reasonable, the professionalism was leaps and bounds ahead of the other companies we'd contacted."

I ultimately helped Dickson decide on the Single-Sided ID Maker Advantage because he was planning to print a large number of cards, on one side only and security-enhancing overlays were not important. Dickson purchased two of these photo ID systems to be used at two different locations.

Quiksilver’s photo ID badges are tamper-resistant. Their card design includes the employee photo along with the company logo; for added security a watermark of the employee's photo is also in the corner. "IDville continues to meet and exceed my expectations! It has become a great resource for my photo ID badging process."


David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

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