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Streamline Payroll Responsibilities with New Time and Attendance System

by Falon 22. September 2011 08:54
How does your organization track employee hours? If you’re still manually calculating pay rules by hand, mediating discrepancies between managers and employees, and dread payroll time, it’s time for an upgrade! 

It’s time to try Quantix time and attendance system  which will automate your time and attendance process and eliminate your payroll-related headaches. Quantix is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option, so it requires no servers or software to be installed on your network and can be up-and-running in days, not months! 

Using Quantix time and attendance system, your supervisors will have the ability to view and edit employee timecards in real-time. Administrators can generate attendance reports with ease and export payroll reports ready for processing – no more manual data entry! The reduction in clerical work has been shown to save companies thousands of dollars a year. Plus, employees enrolled in the system can view their time cards, schedules, and time banks without having to go through human resources or their manager.

Learn more about QuantixThe Quantix system  was designed to meet the needs of smaller organizations by providing a rapidly accessible, economical, and easy-to-use system to track time and attendance without all of the complex features that slow down training and implementation. 

Quantix has several features that will streamline your payroll responsibilities:

Reports – You can quickly generate reports covering schedules, time and attendance, personnel, departments, and payroll.

Security – Quantix keeps your company’s information in the right hands. All users are assigned security roles that define their level of access.

Technology – Quantix operates on a variety of web browsers, so every member of your team should have easy access!

Employee Self-Service – Employees will be able to answer many of their own HR and payroll questions with access to the Quantix system.

Training – Quick training guides are available online so you can complete your Quantix training when and wherever you want!

Workforce Visibility – In addition to collecting, processing, and integrating payroll-related data, Quantix provides real-time visibility of your entire workforce – no matter how big or small!

Wondering if Quantix is right for you? Complete our ROI Calculator  to discover how much money you could save with a streamlined system. To learn more about the Quantix time and attendance system, request a Quantix Information Pack.  
Falon is the IDville Product Manager with over six years marketing and product experience. Falon is known for her exquisite taste in identification products and her two beautiful young sons. 

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