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Pick your version: Essential, PRO, or Enterprise?

by Kayla 11. September 2012 09:32
“I can get by with purchasing any version of photo ID software, right?” Wrong. Don’t play software roulette! Choosing the right photo ID software is an important decision. That’s why we’ve created a quick and easy way for you to see the different features of ID Maker 3.0 software.  
ALL-NEW ID Maker Software Features:  
  • Redesigned user interface: Intuitive menus speed up the design process; quickly add elements and easily add sophisticated programming in just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced camera tool: Compatible with MS Directshow devices and updated Canon cameras.
  • Live text editing: With live text editing, easily make changes and see how they look instantly. 
  • Smart card encoding: Incorporate multiple systems, door access, vending, and store biometric information all on your ID card. 
  • Database integration: Easier setup for database administrators allows for more control over confidential information. 
  • Built-in supply reorder tool: On-screen supplies status for ID Maker printers with quick links for easy reordering.  

Check out ID Maker 3.0 and all the new features it offers!

                          Learn more about ID Maker 3.0!  

Are you interested in creating your own ID cards? Watch a short video and see how easy it can be with ID Maker 3.0! Questions? Call one of our Identification Specialists at 1.866.438.4553 or email us today! 

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Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers.  

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ID Maker Identification Software

ID Maker 3.0 – Easier. Faster. Better.

by Kayla 28. August 2012 10:11
IDville is excited to announce the release of ID Maker 3.0 – the latest version of our system designed to make printing secure, professional IDs simple! 
All-new ID Maker 3.0 is the most robust, yet easy-to-use product for designing, printing, and encoding your ID cards. It has a streamlined interface with added features such as database integration, smart card encoding, an enhanced camera tool, and many more new features! 
We expect 3.0 to be easier than ever to use, and there are several important reasons the upgrade is critical for current system users: 
  • Enhanced compatibility with other commonly-used systems - to ensure future alignment between software, operating systems, and hardware (i.e. new Windows editions, new computers).
  • Improved camera tool and support – we need to continuously improve our camera tools and support systems to ensure the highest quality photos and ease of use.
  • Remaining modern and competitive to provide the best badging software possible – we need to stay in front of what’s going on in the rest of the world of software and hardware. 
See all the new features of ID Maker 3.0!
     Watch the ID Maker 3.0 Demo Today!

The newly updated system has a redesigned user interface with intuitive menu options, among many other features. A few of the improved features in 3.0 include a dynamic text alignment tool, a new photo component tool that allows for live picture mode with more digital cameras, and 50% less screens to use! 3.0 is also at the forefront of modern technology with Smart Card encoding and new QR barcode technology.
To learn more about the ID Maker 3.0 upgrade, click here.
To learn more about IDville's photo identification systems and ID badge accessories, click here.
Questions? Contact one of our identification specialists today 1.866.438.4553!  
Kayla is a Marketing Specialist with over three years marketing experience. As a new addition to the IDville team, she is eager to share her social media savvy side and crazy affection for cats with IDville customers and co-workers. 

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ID Maker Identification Software | ID card systems

6 Reasons to Choose IDville

by todd 4. October 2011 11:45

We know that there are lots of options for ID cards, systems, and accessories available on the Internet, and if you haven’t purchased from us before, you may wonder, why should I choose IDville? In addition to more than 10 years of experience in the industry, you experience the best service in the industry when you work with IDville:

1. Unmatched Customer Service
First and foremost, our customer service and technical support are unmatched. We endeavor to answer every call in 15 seconds or less by a real person, no recording!

2. Same-Day Shipping
Place your order with us by 6 p.m. EST ship that same day, so you don’t have to wait to implement safety and security initiatives. For products that include engraving, like signage, all you have to do is approve your proof by 3 p.m., and we’ll ship your order same day, too! Custom orders have different ship times. Talk to one of our representatives for more information!

3. FREE & FULL Lifetime ID Maker Support
Just as importantly, we stand behind you...always! IDville offers lifetime support on its ID Maker software and systems and Quantix time & attendance packages . You won't find this service anywhere else in the industry; and you definitely will not find it for FREE.

4. Easy Ordering & Reordering
At IDville, we try to make your ID-related purchases as stress-free as possible every time you purchase. That is why we encourage you to create an account for easy reordering and also why we sell all of our systems with everything you need to get started - one complete package!

5. All of Our Systems
Come with the Best ID Software With IDville's simple and flexible ID Maker Pro software , you can create exactly the ID cards you want - color, logo, photo and type - so quickly and easily you'll be amazed.

6. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Buy It and Try It With No Risk We stand behind our products, period. If you need to return an unused product for any reason, we'll be happy to credit your account, exchange the item, or give you a refund for the cost of the merchandise (if returned within 30 days from receipt of your order). All you need to do is return the item(s) along with the packing slip; it's that easy. We look forward to working with you soon!


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years ID Maker experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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Top 5 ID Maker Software Tips

by david 13. October 2010 11:55

1. Extra security features.
ID Maker software is packed with great security features to make your IDs more secure.  Add a signature, ghost photo, fingerprint, or even mask your barcode.  To add one of these elements, simply click on Modify > Add an Element right from the Card Creation screen.

2. Design help with templates
Want to get more uses out of your PVC card system besides making employee or student IDs?  Use one of our predesigned templates and over 300+ background and clip art designs in our ID Maker software to make lunch cards, gift cards, member rewards, or pocket-sized informational cards.

3. Lock an element
Did you know you can ‘lock’ the design of your ID layout in ID Maker software? Locking an element will hold its position so it cannot be moved to another position on the card.  To lock an element, click the appropriate element on the card so that a red box appears around it. Then click on the padlock button (under the Formatting tab in the Card Creation window) to 'Lock it'.  To the right of the card layout, a lock icon is visible.  The icon will appear red when an element is selected and locked.

Take a Tour of ID Maker Software

4. Import images
Can’t find the right image in ID Maker’s clip art library? It’s easy to import your own image. Simply go to the “Card Creation” screen and click on the graphic button under “Design Tools.” Then choose “Import Logo” and select your graphic. Ta da!

5. Create a directory
Want to make a directory with your information in ID Maker?  ID Maker 2.0 Pro and Enterprise editions have been integrated with the Crystal Reports XI engine to produce over 40 standard report templates. To access these reports, click on File > Reports.  You can sort by any field!

Are you interested in creating your own ID Cards? Take the ID Maker software tour!


David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a recent IDville catalog!).

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ID Maker Identification Software

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