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Making badge wear FUN!

by Kelli 14. August 2014 08:52
While ID badge accessories are a great solution to getting your team or students to wear their ID badges each day, sometimes that’s still not enough. We’re going to give you some fun ideas to help encourage people to wear their ID badges each and every day!

Create a “Gotcha” game where on certain days management or teaching staff will hand out small prizes for those people “caught” wearing the ID badges. The main object is to not tell students or staff when these days or times will be so that they’ll always want to have their badge, just in case! 

Hold a simple raffle where each person wearing their ID badge on a certain day gets their name put into a drawing for a prize of your choosing. As a bonus, each eligible day when people are wearing their badge gets them an extra raffle ticket for the final drawing. Again, don’t let people know which days they’ll be given raffle tickets. 

Turn ID badges into a sort of “pass” for certain areas of the building or certain activities that will be happening. Make ID badges required for entry or participation so that it encourages everyone to wear their badge for the day. 

Simply acknowledging those students and staff with a kind word that are wearing their ID badges may go further than you think as well. Let those who are playing by the rules know that you appreciate their little added effort by telling them “good job” or “thank you”. 

Getting your students or your team members to wear their ID badges on a daily basis doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. Get creative and make wearing ID badges fun!

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