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ID Card Systems in Healthcare Protect Information and Improve Safety

by david 10. May 2011 08:11

Healthcare professionals perform a balancing act everyday. More demands on their time, more hats to wear, and in economically challenging times they are doing it all for less compensation.

Technological advances make their jobs easier, however with that ease comes a new set of challenging circumstances. As facilities move towards electronic file keeping, the possibility of security breaches increase. A recent study indicates 1.5 million Americans have been victims of medical identity theft costing over $28.6 billion in damages.

Motivation may be high to commit medical identity theft, but federal mandates are now more stringent to deter this costly crime. The HITECH Act put in place weightier consequences including steep fines for those that violate privacy protection laws, as well as a wider definition of what information is protected, and who is responsible for protecting it.

Create a Safe Healthcare Environment with ID Card Systems What this means to the healthcare industry is convenient data housing but with increased accountability to manage that information, and prevent it from being compromised.

A key component in the prevention of security breaches and overall safety is an ID card system. Medical facilities are not limited to employees. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of patients, visitors and vendors stream through their doors every day posing countless opportunities for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Identifying who is in the building at all times, and for what purpose, reduces the security risk and puts everyone at ease, so the focus becomes exceptional care and service - not hall monitoring. Let an ID card system do that for you.

Ultimately what you're looking for in an ID card system is value - manageable up front cost on a system that delivers on safety. When looking for an ID card system, consider:
 Who will be using the system?
 What features do you need?
 How much can you spend?
 What are the latest applications in the industry?

For more information regarding ID card systems in healthcare, read our complete white paper, “Secure ID Card Systems for the Healthcare Industry.”

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