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by Kelli 4. June 2014 08:58
We know that meeting and event planning can be very time-consuming and even more stressful. We’re happy to be a resource to alleviate some of that stress. While we can’t plan your entire event, we do have great solutions to help take part of the preparation off your plate.

From nametag holders and event pouches to a complete meeting kit, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the right price. Whether you’re planning a large conference or a smaller meeting, we have quick and simple solutions to ensure your guests are outfitted with their meeting badges or nametags. 

Since we know you might not have the time to create and assemble your meeting name badges yourself, so we can always take care of that for you with our EZ Meeting Kits. You’ll just need to send us your attendee list and your preferred badge design and we’ll print, assemble and organize your badges just how you need them. We’ll even ship them directly to your event if you’d prefer – one less thing to remember! 

Browse our full line of meeting and event identification supplies. Let us help you with planning your next event!

Let us help make your next event a breeze!

by Kelli 22. January 2013 09:16
For those of you that have planned a company event before, you know there’s a lot that goes into it; location, speakers, caterer, agenda, registration, even photo identification. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, a team meeting, or a formal evening event, identifying the key attendees can be an important part to a successful event and overall experience. That's why we've put together helpful tips and ideas for you. Follow our event guidelines and you’re sure to throw a memorable event!  
We've got your meeting convered!

1. What type of ID card will you use? 
It’s probably safe to say that a majority of the events you’ve attended had attendees wearing adhesive name tags. Did you know that you can easily and quickly create a PVC ID card to portray a more professional appearance? 

2. How will attendees display ID cards at the event?
The most important factor to consider when you determine how attendees will display their ID card is attire. If it’s a formal event you don’t want to offer an ID name badge with a strap clip that will leave marks in their clothing. Instead, consider a custom lanyard with your event information or company logo. 

3. How will you identify different event attendees?
Since every event is different, be sure to identify the different groups you have in attendance, such as volunteers, staff, or guests of honor. Simply add this information to their ID name badge and everyone will be sure to know who’s who! 

4. Will you create ID cards ahead of time or on site? 
If you choose to create ID cards on site- no sweat. With an ID card printer, you have the capability to create and print ID cards quickly so there’s no reason to worry that there will be a line out the door at the registration table. 

To read the full “Event ID Guidelines” article, click here.   

Our goal is to ensure you host a successful event! If you have any questions or would like recommendations on products for your event, call us today at 1.866.438.4553 or email me today.

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