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Excuse me, I lost my ID card!

by david 23. October 2012 09:56
If you don’t currently print ID cards onsite at your office, hearing “I’ve lost my ID card” from your employees is probably a nightmare. When employees lose an ID card that means you have to not only wait days or potentially weeks to receive the ID, it also means that you have to reach to your outside vendor and send out information for the new ID. This can be a cumbersome process but can easily be avoided with an onsite ID card system. 
The ID Maker suite is an ID card system packaged with all of the components you need to be up and running and printing IDs within 15 minutes.  With new and improved software and capabilities, it’s easier than ever to design professional IDs from your own desktop. You no longer need to wait days or weeks to receive your employee IDs! 
Ensure the safety of your students!
Find out which system is right for your organization by requesting our free system selection guide. It contains detailed information about each system and the software it comes with. 
  • Print replacement ID cards whenever a student, staff, or faculty members needs one.
  • Eliminate the time students and staff go without an ID card.
  • ID Maker Advantage. Learn more about this system.

  • Print ID cards in 23 seconds to identify visitors, vendors, and maintenance crews on-the-spot.
  • Maintain a safe and secure facility where everyone is clearly identified.
  • ID Maker Secure. Learn more about this system.

  • Add custom holographic overlays to ID card designs.
  • Create your own secure ID cards that meet local and federal ID guidelines.
  • ID Maker Secure. Learn more about this system.

Small Business
  • Design and print as many or as few ID cards that you need to identify your entire team.
  • Put your best foot forward with customers and vendors when employees wear professional looking ID cards.
  • ID Maker Value. Learn more about this system.

Click here to read more of our October IDentify Newsletter.  Questions? Comments? Feel free to post them here or call one of our customer service reps at 1.866.498.4557. 
David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).  

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