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New Custom Lanyards Provide Solutions for All Events and Occasions

by Falon 17. February 2012 10:03

When we introduced 95 new products earlier this month, we brought several new custom lanyard options to the IDville offering. I’m excited about these additions because it means we have more solutions to help our customers find the right identification option for their needs.

Custom lanyard are popular for meetings and events. For instance, my co-worker Cori, who writes on the Baudville Recognition at Work blog, is examining custom lanyard options for a family reunion this summer. Whether you’re planning a conference, workshop, or training event, custom lanyards are a great option. They provide all the functionality you need to display a name badge, and they also serve as a small souvenir of the event.

Our new custom lanyards provide several benefits for your event and identification needs:

 Smart Buy Full Color Custom Lanyards – Our Smart Buy lanyards provide the best value in custom lanyards. For as low as $0.79 each, our new Smart Buy Full Color lanyards offer complete customization. Add a logo, graphic, or image and have it printed on the lanyard in full color. With this new lanyard, you have endless design options.

 Big Event Custom Lanyards – If you’re planning a large event with hundreds or even thousands of attendees, the new Big Event lanyards are the solution for you. Choose from 16 colors, standard attachments, and breakaway options.  Plus, Big Event Lanyards ship in 10 days!

Shop Custom Lanyards

  Full Color Elastic Custom Lanyards – Completely customize your lanyard with a full color design on this stretchy and fun fabric. This lanyard only comes with a plastic O-ring attachment, so be sure to order badge holders with a clip.

 Sports Cord Custom Lanyards – For a more unique custom lanyard option, choose the new Sports Cord logo. Add your full color custom logo to the adjustable slide for a prominent brand display.

 Organic Cotton Custom Lanyards – These new lanyards are a comfortable and sustainable custom lanyard solution. Add a one color logo to make it your own. A perfect fit for environmentally-friendly events and organizations!

To find the right custom lanyard for your event or identification need, visit our Lanyard Wizard where you can browse all our custom lanyard options. Easily find the right lanyard based on price, design, or turn-around time!

Do you have questions about custom lanyards ? Post them here!

Falon is the IDville Product Manager with over six years marketing and product experience. Falon is known for her exquisite taste in identification products and her two beautiful young sons.

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Custom Vivid Color Lanyards Enhance your ID Cards

by david 7. December 2011 09:14
ID cards are an important security feature for every organization, and you can make them even more effective with the right ID card accessory. Vivid color lanyards are one accessory option that will enhance your ID cards and promote your organization's brand.

Made of a soft poly-satin fabric, the vivid color lanyard is comfortable and durable for long term wear. Begin the customization process, and you'll find that vivid color lanyards are a blank canvas! Dye-sublimated technology allows for any custom design to be created within the lanyard's soft material.

Custom vivid color lanyards are a great addition to any identification strategy. Here are a few examples of vivid color lanyards being used to their full potential.

Custom Printed Lanyards
Create your own vivid color custom lanyards.

Create Custom Lanyards for Events. The custom vivid color lanyard is a great option for events, conferences, or tradeshows. This lanyard is best for displaying color logos and the soft fabric makes it comfortable to wear all day long. We donated custom vivid color lanyards to Art Prize, a large art competition in Grand Rapids, for all the artists. They were a big hit! You can learn more about the use of the lanyards at the event here on the IDville blog.

Create Custom Lanyards for Schools. Prepare for the back to school rush by ordering custom lanyards for all your students and staff. One of our school customers assigns a different color lanyard to each grade, so it's easy to visually identify students, even from a distance. Plus, with the full color customization option, you can display your school mascot and promote safety and school spirit at the same time!

Create Custom Lanyards for Businesses. Put forward a professional image with your business ID cards and accessories by designing coordinating ID cardsand vivid color lanyards. One of our retail store customers ordered custom vivid color lanyards for its entire staff from IDville. The lanyards clearly displayed the store's full color logo and tag line in front of customers.

How have you used Vivid Color Lanyards or Custom Lanyards? Tell us here!

David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!). 

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Create Custom Printed Lanyards for the School Year

by david 4. August 2010 08:10

Many schools will re-open their doors to students in the month of August, and school administrators should be prepared to welcome back students with new student ID cards. Student ID cards are an important part of school security, and they can also streamline various school processes such as school lunches, library materials, and photo directories.

These days, school security policies require students to wear their ID cards at all times, and custom printed lanyards are the most popular ID card accessory for students. Lanyards can be an effective part of your student ID security policy. Here are a few ways you can get the most bang for your buck out of custom printed lanyards for students.

1. Color Code Lanyards. Assign a certain color lanyard to each grade or classroom. The color lanyard will help staff and teachers quickly identify where a student belongs. Our Vivid Color Lanyards can be created in any color, so you’re able to outfit your entire school without running out of color options. Create a color key for staff and teachers, so everyone understands what the custom color lanyards mean before the students arrive.

2. Select the Breakaway Option. The breakaway feature is an extra safety precaution that may be especially important for young students. If caught on an object, the lanyard will split at the breakaway point to prevent choking or harm to the student. Learn more about the benefits of breakaway lanyards in this Knowledge Center article.

3. School Spirit Custom Lanyards. Create custom printed lanyards in school colors for students with the school name and mascot. Students will promote both safety and school spirit when they wear their student ID cards around the halls.

4. Offer Options. Give students a variety of lanyard choices by purchasing custom printed lanyards promoting various school clubs, activities and sports. Students can even purchase a variety of lanyards from a school spirit store and change their lanyards as they see fit. You may even want to use our selection of themed lanyards.

5. Reward Students. It can be difficult to encourage students to wear their student ID cards all the time. Create a program to incent students to wear their ID cards and custom printed lanyards. For example, you could present awards on-the-spot to students caught wearing their ID cards properly. Give out coupons for the cafeteria or spirit store, candy or tickets to the local movie theatre.

Are you preparing to order custom printed lanyards for the new school year? Like IDville on Facebook and receive 25 free lanyards with your custom lanyard order of $250 or more. As an IDville fan, you’ll receive exclusive coupons and special offers! Like IDville on Facebook today.


David is an IDville identification expert with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a recent IDville catalog!).

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