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Winter Is Here...

by Kelli 16. December 2013 15:00
It’s that time of year again where we all try to shuffle to and from the car as quickly as possible to get back inside and out of the cold. If your building uses ID badges as proximity cards for door access, this would be a great time to make sure your team has the ID badge accessories they need to keep their ID badge easily accessible when they get to work. 

IDville has several ID badge accessory options to keep your ID badges close at hand, ranging from blank and custom lanyards to retractable badge reels to ID badge clips. With several affordable options available, finding something for everyone has never been easier! 

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Trade shows: my secret to understanding customer needs!

by david 7. August 2013 08:53

After attending over 40 tradeshows within the past year I have seen my fair share of the country.  What I have really noticed is that almost everyone wears an ID badge!  From the contractors used at the exhibit halls, to my taxi cab drivers,  to the baggage handlers loading luggage onto the plane, everyone is wearing an ID badge!   

The one ID accessory that I see being used the most by women is our new Rhinestone lanyard. These new, sparkly lanyards have made it fun and stylish for woman to wear their IDs.  We recently gave these lanyards away at the SHRM conference in Chicago and our booth was almost overrun by human resource professionals wanting these shiny gems!

The most popular ID badge accessory I see being used by men are our carabiner badge reels.  These badge reels are sturdy and dependable and allow you to wear your ID badge on your belt loop and then clip onto your keys so that you don’t forget the ID the next day.  Make sure to check our carabiner badge reel supply as we also have reels that have a measuring tape and flashlight built into them!

One of the most rewarding things about being on the road promoting IDville is running into current customers who have one of our ID Maker ID systems. It’s great to hear them rave about their ID Maker system being easy to use while allowing them to make a professional badge that no other system can create.  Customers are always quick to flip open their purse or wallet to show me their ID and how they designed it with their logo and artwork.  Many of the customers that I worked with as they chose an ID printer use the custom card design that I originally made for them per their request!

Interested in an ID system and want to see a custom ID card design with your logo?  Fill out your info here and one of our sales reps will contact you ASAP.

I will be at the following shows over the next couple of weeks.  Stop in and say hello!

International Association of Fire Chiefs – Chicago 8/16 & 8/17

Midwest Security & Police Show – Tinley Park 8/20 & 8/21

Badge Reels Offer Function and Convenience for all Industries

by david 24. April 2012 07:00

As you begin to design ID cards for your organization, you should consider how your employees, students, or staff will wear their cards. After all, if your ID cards aren’t used by your employees, they won’t do your organization much good! Consider badge reels, a convenient and functional option for wearing ID cards, for every member of your team.

Badge reels extend up to 36 inches, so they are a preferred ID card accessory if you need to swipe a card for door access. They can also be worn in a variety of places. Employees can choose to attach their badge reel on a belt, pocket, or purse. Badge reels keep ID cards and keys secure by keeping items close to the body and visible to others.

You can choose from several badge reel attachments to find the one that will work best for your organization. Most badge reels come with a metal slide clip or swivel clip attachment, but IDville also offers a plastic clip for a more comfortable wear against skin. Carabiner clip and belt strap attachments  fasten to belts and belt loops without marking belts or clothes.

Find the badge reel that's right for your organization!

Badge reels can provide an added benefit to any industry. Different badge reel styles and designs offer unique functionality for individuals. Consider the following applications for schools, healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, and construction:

Badge Reels in Schools. Teachers and staff can choose a fashion badge reel  to display their ID badge at school. The unique designs promote the teaching profession, cancer awareness, working with children, or individual flair. The fun designs will be more appealing to both the staff and the students.

Badge Reels in Healthcare. Children’s hospitals and pediatrician’s offices can take advantage of fun animal shaped badge reels to distract young patients in the exam room. Hospital employees will also appreciate the medical badge reel with a plastic clip that provides a more comfortable fit on scrubs or against skin. The retractable cord also makes it easy to swipe for door access or to buy a cup of coffee in the hospital cafeteria.

Badge Reels in Manufacturing and Construction. Badge reels are a great option for manufacturing or construction workers. The function of a badge reel keeps the ID card close to the body and out of the way. Plus, heavy duty designs are a long-lasting option for these tough industries.  New badge reel options also include helpful tools, such as an LED light and tape measure, that can be useful in any work environment.

IDville has a comprehensive offering of badge reels  to fit any organization. Contact our experienced identification experts for help selecting the right badge reel for your organization via email or by calling 1.866.438.4553.


David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

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The dreaded Employee ID badge…

by Falon 14. July 2011 09:38

Many of us are required to wear our employee ID badge at all times while working. If you’re anything like me, or if your employees are anything like me, they fight tooth and nail to try to get away without wearing their badge – why?

Well, for me it’s an issue of “This badge reel doesn’t go with my outfit.” Or, “I’d rather wear a fashionable necklace than this boring, scratchy lanyard.” Our accessories are what set us apart from the rest of the world, especially in a uniform environment. It’s the way we show our personality at work – and a flat woven breakaway royal blue lanyard with a clip just isn’t cutting the mustard!

Shop IDville's Fashion Accessories!

So when I found these fashionable – not gaudy – beaded lanyards and embellished badge reels, I was so excited I had to add them to the IDville product line! The silver spring beaded lanyard is my favorite – it goes with anything and dresses it up with a classy touch of silver and glass beads. If I’m feeling colorful, I’ll grab my frosted fun beaded lanyard for the day. The snap strap makes it so easy to interchange my ID with my lanyard selection to fit my outfit for the day.

Check out all of our fashion accessories today! Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your team, you’ll be glad you did!


Falon is the IDville Product Manager with over six years marketing and product experience. Falon is known for her exquisite taste in identification products and her two beautiful young sons.

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Best of Badge Reels

by david 9. November 2010 12:50

Badge reels are a fun and convenient way to display your ID card. They are especially useful if your ID card is used to gain access to your building. However, there are lots of many badge reel options available, and you can want to provide the best options to your employees, staff and students.

We’ve provided short descriptions about our favorite badge reels to help you choose the right design for your organization.

Flashing Badge Reels 1. Flashing Badge Reel
Spice up your traditional identification with this exciting ID card attachment. The Flashing Badge Reel has a hard translucent cover, so you can see through to the circuit board. Lights flash red, yellow and green every time you pull the retractable cord.

Great For: Getting kids and teens excited about security and identification and drawing attention to your ID cards.

2. Carabiner Badge Reel
This badge reel is convenient to display. The carabiner easily clips onto a belt loop, buckle or purse for easy accessibility. Plus, the twist free base keeps the ID card displayed forward, so you always have visual identification.

Great For: Work sites where visual identification is a high priority for safety.

Themed Badge Reels 3. Themed Badge Reel
Promote an important value or theme in your organization by equipping every member with a themed badge reel. Available in a variety of themes, you can provide the design that best represents your organization’s priorities, like safety.

Great For: Organizations that want to promote safety. Also great for organization where employees work with children.

4. Carabiner LED Badge Reel
The Carabiner LED Badge Reel has the convenience of the carabiner attachment with an additional safety feature. The badge reel houses an LED light that is handy for using keys or access control in the dark. The LED light turns on with a slide button.

Great For: Employees who come to work or go home in the dark.


David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

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New IDville Products Available

by dan 8. September 2010 10:43

New this week, we’ve added 10 new products to the IDville offering. As part of our mission to stay current with emerging identification and workplace security trends, we’re introducing several innovative products. Here are a few of our personal favorites you should check out:

 USB Lanyard. Professionals in all industries rely on USBs to keep their data portable and protected. The new USB Lanyard makes it convenient to carry your data with you wherever your work takes you. The lanyard detaches to reveal a 1GB USB drive. This item can be valuable to teachers who can always carry class records with them.

 RFID Secure Badge Holders. With many organizations relying on smart cards to contain employee information and access control, it’s important to protect personal information from being stolen. As part of our new product offering, we now offer RFID Secure Badge Holders. The badge holder prevents identity theft by blocking RFID signals that can access the personal information stored on the card. ID cards easily slide out of the holder for scanning.

 Badge Reels. Fun and functional badge reels encourage employees to wear their ID cards at all times. For night shift employees, consider the Carabiner LED Badge Reel that shines a bright LED light at a push of a button. For a more light-hearted crowd, our Flashing Badge Reels are sure to be a hit!

Click through our online catalog or browse the website to view all our new products that will keep your people safe and secure.


Dan is the IDville General Manager and oversees all product management and marketing for the IDville brand.  Around IDville, Dan is known for the catchphrase, "talk to me," his not-so-secret designer past, and his passion for Michigan State sports.

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