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Maximize your networking with a simple name badge

by Maggie 6. May 2015 12:34


At a conference, mixer or other event with a large group of people, a name badge is much more professional then a sticky, and is much easier for others to read. And remember, wearing your logo is a form of branding!

Another benefit is helping other people remember who they met. Hearing and seeing your name and company multiplies the chances others will remember you. So maximize your networking with a simple name badge!

Our ID Maker Software is user-friendly and easy to use.  It gives you the tools you need to design and print ID cards. Follow these guidelines for what information to include on your name badge. Remember to keep it simple for the customer. Only give them the information they need.

  1. Settings where a title on your badge may be a good option:
    • Conferences or tradeshows
    • Your place of work
    *Place your title underneath your name in a smaller font size
  2. A setting where just your first name on your badge may be a good option:
    • Selling to customers in a store environment
  3. A setting where both your first and last name on your badge may be a good option:
    • Meeting people you intend to get to know and see in the future

What about industry credentials or marketing tag lines? I wouldn’t recommend adding anything else. Keep it simple.

Your name tag should serve as your introduction and usually nothing more. For people to remember your name and company, you need to make them stand out. With other information on your badge, your name and company runs the risk of getting lost in the jumble. People glance at a name badge, not read it like a book.

Once you’ve created your ideal name badge, the next step is choosing a form of backing. The backing refers to how the badge will attach to your clothing.
We offer many different options for name badge attachments:

When one of your main goals is networking, I would recommend either a badge holder or a badge clip. More specifically, I would recommend our framed badge holders or our Adhesive Magnetic ID Attachment.

Framed badge holders are useful for networking because they can make your ID badge stand out. Try matching the color of your frame to a color in your logo or the text of your name. You can even use different color frames to identify different groups of people.

Adhesive Magnetic ID Attachments are great tools for networking, because they are hidden, keeping the customer from distraction. A lot of people choose magnets, because they’re quick and easy to put on and don’t leave little holes. However, if you have a pace maker or other type of electronic device within your chest cavity, you should not use a magnet without your doctors permission as a magnet may interfere or stop your medical device from working.

Another tactic to use while networking at large events is creating custom lanyards that will unify your brand. Our full meeting and event line is a great tool for everything meeting and event! An example is IDville’s sponsorship of Tulip Time in Holland, MI. IDville joined Tulip Time as an Event Identification sponsor. Jennifer Reeves, IDville’s sales manager said, “We had an opportunity to help Tulip Time unify their volunteer identification, while branding the organization at the same time. By sponsoring this event, we were able to provide them with an ID Maker printer system, lanyards, and other accessories to help them easily identify the over 3,000 volunteers that help make this annual event a success.” Having unified identification for all volunteers and staff of this event made networking simple and memorable!


Identification is key to networking but is often overlooked. Follow these simple tips and watch your network grow exponentially! It’s not about what you know, it’s about who knows you! For more information, contact one of our system specialists at 1.866.438.4553, or shop online at

Badge holders extend the life of your ID

by Kayla 12. March 2013 10:00
For those of you that have to wear an ID card every single day, you know how easy it is for your ID to start looking worn out and dirty. Whether you use your badge for door access (which means frequent scanning) or simply for photo identification reasons, it’s easy for daily wear and tear to get the best of your ID card. That’s why ID badge holders are a great accessory! Not only do they extend the life of your badge, they also protect the data on your card. 

Protect your IDs!
 Shop ID badge holders today!  

Protect your information: Secure your RFID technology with an RFID Secure Badge Holder. RFID chips encode personal information into your ID card. This information can easily be stolen so it’s critical to safeguard your information with this secure badge holder. 

Maintain a clean and healthy work environment: Prevent your ID card from transmitting germs with a Sealable Badge Holder. The seal isolates the ID card from any germs or bacteria and is easy to wipe clean. 

Protect ID cards from fading in direct sunlight: Maintain great looking ID cards with an Anti-Print Transfer Badge Holder.  This badge holder won’t stick to your ID card and prevents the ink from fading. 

To shop our full line of ID badge holders, click here. 
To shop all ID badge accessories, click here. 

If you have any questions, email me today or call one of our customer service reps today! 

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Selecting the Right ID Badge Accessory: Protective Badge Holders

by david 26. April 2011 09:17

Do you often replace broken or worn ID cards for your employees or students? If you are constantly making replacement ID cards, you should consider outfitting your organization with badge holders.

Badge holders extend the life of your ID card by protecting it in a plastic or vinyl case. Most badge holders also have a slot punch, so you can still display your ID card with a strap clip, lanyard, or badge reel. There are a variety of badge holders available for all types of organizations or environments.

 Protect ID cards from fading in direct sunlight:
Maintain great looking ID cards with an Anti-Print Transfer Badge Holder. This badge holder won’t stick to your ID card and prevents the ink from fading. It will keep your ID card looking great!

 Maintain a clean and healthy work environment:
Prevent your ID card from transmitting germs with a Sealable Badge Holder. The seal isolates the ID card from any germs or bacteria and is easy to wipe clean. Ideal for healthcare facilities and childcare centers, a Sealable Badge Holder will promote a healthy environment.

 Keep your ID badges visible and out of the way:
Get ID cards out of the way with an Armband Badge Holder. This badge holder is worn around the upper arm, and a colorful elastic band makes it clearly visible. Perfect for employees who do physical labor or manufacturing work, the Armband Badge Holder is a safe way to display ID cards.

Shop Protective Badge Holders
Shop Badge Holders at

 Designate levels of access, grades, or additional security information:
Use Colored Bar Badge Holders. These colorful badge holders make different security designations visible from a distance. Our Colored Bar Badge Holders are perfect for schools and will clearly identify students from various grades or buildings.

 Secure your RFID technology:
Protect your information with an RFID Secure Badge Holder. RFID chips encode personal information into your ID card. However this information can easily be stolen. Safeguard your employees’ and company’s information with this secure badge holder.


David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!).

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Badge Holder

Badge Holders Protect and Preserve ID Cards

by todd 7. December 2010 08:56

ID cards are an investment in the safety of your people and the security of your building. You can prolong the life of employee ID cards and reduce the number of reprints by displaying ID cards in a badge holder.

There are many advantages to displaying ID cards in a badge holder, and all of them result in a longer life for your ID card:

 Badge holders protect ID cards from the elements, making the ID card look newer, longer.
 A badge holder can prevent an ID card from being damaged, for instance by being shut in a door or creased in a purse.
 Ensure ID cards always display the necessary information by using a badge holder.
 Complement your ID card design and promote your brand with a colorful badge holder.
 Protect ID cards from water and spilled beverages.

To ensure employees display their ID cards in a badge holder, always present the completed ID card in a badge holder. Explain to employees that they’re expected to wear the ID card in the badge holder whenever they’re in the building.

Your team will have great looking ID cards that are long lasting, making your facility more safe and secure!

Shop Badge Holders 

Badge holders come in a variety of options.


Todd is an identification expert at IDville with over seven years experience. Around IDville, Todd is known for his excessive coffee drinking, beautiful daughters, and impressive ping pong skills.

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Custom Lanyards and ID Badges Improve ArtPrize Experience

by david 15. September 2010 08:48

IDville has a long history of charitable and community involvement. Some of our products have even been used by the crew at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! This month, our identification products are being put to use by a large event in our backyard of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This year, the world’s largest art prize event is identifying key participants to improve the event experience for thousands of expected visitors. In 2010, ArtPrize will bring together over 1,700 artists and 1,500 volunteers. New this year, the staff at ArtPrize will use ID Maker software to create name badges for all of the participating artists and volunteers. Each group also has their own custom lanyards.

Shop ID Cards and Accessories for your Event

The ArtPrize staff believes the identification will encourage increased interaction among volunteers, staff, artists and visitors, making the event more memorable for all involved.

As part of their official uniform, ArtPrize volunteers will wear a lanyard with their name prominently displayed in a badge holder. Amelea Pegman, ArtPrize Volunteer Services and Community Development, expects the identification will help to improve the experience for both volunteers and visitors by making volunteers more approachable.

“It will be wonderful and helpful for our volunteers to be identifiable - by name - when they are out working with visitors and representing ArtPrize. IDs will also help to create that special feeling of importance and involvement that we want for our volunteers!”

The badges and custom lanyards will be especially useful identifying volunteers at the many ArtPrize events. “There will be hundreds of people at each of the events that I manage, so having our volunteers, staff, and interns clearly marked with their ID badges and custom lanyards will help our guests identify those individuals who can best enhance and better their event experience,” said Noddea Skidmore, ArtPrize Event Producer.

ArtPrize artists, who exhibit their work in venues throughout downtown Grand Rapids, will also wear clear identification. “The badges and lanyards will be a great way to increase the visibility of artists at the event. Direct interaction between artists and the audience is one of the joys of ArtPrize, and with the artists wearing easily identifiable badges, it'll happen even more this year,” said Kevin Buist, Artist Relations.

While you may not realize it, identification is an important part of successful events outside the office. ID cards serve as a communication tool to identify staff, guests, and participants, and they can improve visibility and approachability of key staff members. 

For more information on using ID cards and identification in your events, visit our Reference Library for our Event ID Guidelines. Read more about our involvement with ArtPrize in the Baudville, Inc. Newsroom.


David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a recent IDville catalog!).

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Custom Lanyards | Custom Lanyards

New IDville Products Available

by dan 8. September 2010 10:43

New this week, we’ve added 10 new products to the IDville offering. As part of our mission to stay current with emerging identification and workplace security trends, we’re introducing several innovative products. Here are a few of our personal favorites you should check out:

 USB Lanyard. Professionals in all industries rely on USBs to keep their data portable and protected. The new USB Lanyard makes it convenient to carry your data with you wherever your work takes you. The lanyard detaches to reveal a 1GB USB drive. This item can be valuable to teachers who can always carry class records with them.

 RFID Secure Badge Holders. With many organizations relying on smart cards to contain employee information and access control, it’s important to protect personal information from being stolen. As part of our new product offering, we now offer RFID Secure Badge Holders. The badge holder prevents identity theft by blocking RFID signals that can access the personal information stored on the card. ID cards easily slide out of the holder for scanning.

 Badge Reels. Fun and functional badge reels encourage employees to wear their ID cards at all times. For night shift employees, consider the Carabiner LED Badge Reel that shines a bright LED light at a push of a button. For a more light-hearted crowd, our Flashing Badge Reels are sure to be a hit!

Click through our online catalog or browse the website to view all our new products that will keep your people safe and secure.


Dan is the IDville General Manager and oversees all product management and marketing for the IDville brand.  Around IDville, Dan is known for the catchphrase, "talk to me," his not-so-secret designer past, and his passion for Michigan State sports.

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New Products

How to Display a Photo ID Card

by david 19. July 2010 14:03

Once you implement a photo ID card system, you need to consider your ID card design and how ID cards will be displayed. ID cards are an important part of a facility security strategy, but they must be displayed properly to have their full impact.

First, determine whether your ID card will be displayed horizontally or vertically. This will depend on your ID card design and what features you include. For more information on an excellent employee ID card, visit our Knowledge Center.

Once you have decided the ID card’s orientation, you can review your ID card display options.

Protect your ID cards with a Badge HolderI always recommend customers use badge holders to protect and preserve their ID cards. After all, an ID card is an investment in your organization’s security, and you want to protect that investment. A badge holder protects an ID card from the elements and natural wear and tear. It will reduce the number of replacement cards you need to print throughout the year.

Now that your cards are protected by a badge holder, you can shop ID card attachments. Lanyards, ID strap clips and retractable badge reels are the most popular.

- Lanyards are the ID card accessory of choice for schools. Lanyards are easily customized for different buildings, grades and classrooms, and they keep ID cards in sight.

- ID Strap clips keep ID cards close to the body and are ideal for manufacturing settings where safety is a concern. Right now, you can save 10% on your order when you purchase ID strap clips. Just like IDville on Facebook to get the special offer.

- Retractable Badge Reels are great for organizations that use proximity cards and require employees to use their card to enter the building. Some badge reels extend up to 3 feet, so the ID card is easily accessible for scanning.


David is an IDville identification expert with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a recent IDville catalog!).

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