What is a One Box System? [Video]

You might be wondering what exactly is a one box system. Luckily it is our mission here at IDville to educate you on our products and how they stand out from our competitors in the market...



[Video Transcript]

You might be wondering exactly what is a one box system and how do we differ from our competitors in the market? Essentially every card printer that IDville sells comes in what we call our one box system.
We've included everything that you need to take the system out of the box and start printing your cards within a matter of minutes. We include the card printer. We also include your first order of cards, the 3.0 maker software, a webcam with a tripod, as well as the white backdrop, and your first printer ribbon.
Everything that you need to start printing your cards within a matter of minutes. It just doesn't get any easier than that.
Give us a call today or visit our website and we'll get you started right away.


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