Iron County Medical Care Facility

Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Iron County Medical Care Facility (ICMCF) is a 200-bed skilled and basic care long-term living facility. It has been...

Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Iron County Medical Care Facility (ICMCF) is a 200-bed skilled and basic care long-term living facility. It has been operating for over 30 years and currently acts as the largest and most comprehensive long-term care facility in the U.P. With 300 employees ICMCF serves between 250 and 300 residents each year. We talked a little bit with Stacy Donati, Director of Security for ICMCF about why she came to IDville.

"We were using a very simple ID program that didn't allow us to personalize or input our information into a database for our badges," said Donati. Their search for a new system began with the internet and paging through various business supply catalogs. It wasn't until they received an IDville catalog that they further explored IDville's website and put in a call to the customer service department.

"I remember when Ms. Donati called," said IDville System Specialist, David Ditmar. "I asked her questions to identify the number of cards she was looking to print and the amount of security her badges would require. It was important to her that she didn't get a bunch of extras with her system that she didn't need."

Donati was not in need of a new digital camera or backdrop. These accessories are a great feature included with all of IDville's systems – but we understand that sometimes they are not needed. "We like to think that our systems come with everything the customer needs to get started right out of the box," said Ditmar. In this case, Donati did not want to pay for accessories that she didn't need. "We worked with her," Ditmar recalls, "and offered her one of our most popular systems without the camera and backdrop at a lower price."

"We researched many companies and found IDville to be exactly what we needed without all of the extras that would prove to be more than what we wanted or needed," Donati said. After reviewing sample cards, ICMCF purchased the Single-Sided Streamline System.

Since they've purchased the system, ICMCF has printed ID badges for all of their employees. Their volunteers also have their own name badges. Donati integrated the ID cards with the time clock system that non-salary employees utilize. "Non-salary staff has a barcode on their badges and uses it to punch in and out of work. It was very easy to personalize the design and layout of the cards to suit our needs with the very simple ID Maker Pro software."

Using the ID badges in a medical facility where residents and their loved ones can feel secure knowing who is giving them the care they need is very important. The badges include an employee photo and a clear title description so that with a quick glance a passerby is confident that the person is allowed access to the facility and its residents. Lanyards are used to display ICMCF's badges and make for the best visibility of all of the ID accessory options.

After all is said and done, Donati can confidently say that she is "very happy with the product, the printer, software and support." It has made Iron County Medical Care Facility a safer, more secure place for its residents, staff, and visitors.

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