Top 4 Reasons to Implement a School ID Program

From recent school shootings to bomb threats, there is no doubt our nation has seen a heightened awareness regarding the vulnerability of student and staff. In response to these security threats, many schools have implemented ID programs...

ID badges provide a quick visual way to determine if a person belongs in the building. Making sure the IDs have a photo, relevant information, and are worn prominently will ensure people who don’t belong are spotted quickly. When implemented with other security features, like door access, ID cards can also track who is in the building and when and where they go. The more you put into your school ID program, the safer students and staff will be.

Make Visitors Stand Out

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes many villages to run a school. That means a lot of volunteers are also frequent visitors. Using your ID program to create IDs for visitors will help make the visitors stand out and allow you to track when they come and go. Give frequent visitors their own badge to make them feel like they are part of the team. Make visitors stand out even more by having them wear a different lanyard color than students and staff so they are easily identifiable.

For non-frequent visitors, visitor identification is still important. We recommend using Visitor Login Books and temporary identification to help keep the school a safe and secure place.

ID Cards for Function

ID cards can do so much more than identify who belongs. With the right card and programming, ID cards can be the center of a student’s activity at school. Cards can be used to buy lunch in the cafeteria, check out books and media items from the library, buy items at the school store, and etc. You’ll just want to make sure the ID printer, cards, and software you purchase can handle everything you want them to do.

Engage Your Student Body and Increase School Spirit

Sharing an identity with a larger group of people is a cornerstone of life, whether it be family, an organization, or a school. Human beings like to belong, and students ride high on school colors and mascots. And did you know that these elements can easily be integrated into your ID card design and the accessories you use to display them? The best ID software will make it simple to foster the community and camaraderie you desire by using your school colors and adding a picture of the mascot or your school logo. Plus, custom lanyards can be designed to match!

Student ID Card Samples

School ID card focus both on students and faculty. Use school colors and security features to communicate and customize levels of access. Magnetic stripes are often utilized for lunch programs.


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Finding the Right ID Card System for You

Finding the right ID Card System to suit your needs can be intimidating, but it’s really quite simple. First, know what you want to be able to do. Second, talk to someone who can walk you though the details. From printers to systems to software, IDville has everything to help you identify and engage your students and staff. You’ve been entrusted with their safety, and we’ll help you every step of the way! Talk to an experienced ID Specialist today by calling 1.866.438.4553 or re quest a free System Selection Guide complete with samples and quotes. With IDville, you're family.

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