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The Best ID Card Printer By Company Size

Your business or organization needs ID badges and now you’re in the driver’s seat to find the perfect badge printer solution. A great place to start is but

A great place to start is but understanding what printer is geared toward your company size? 

Here are the best printers for Small, Medium and Large companies.

Small: 1-500 employees

Medium: 500-1200 employees

Large: 1200 or more employees


The Small Business (1-500 Employees)

If you are a small organization your best options are the One-Box Value, and Zenius Systems. While either system could work for you, we generally recommend the Value System for those with less than 100 employees and the Zenius System for around 200 or more. Both systems are great whether printing one-off ID cards or small batch runs. With a small footprint and quiet nature either will easily fit into any office environment. So, if you’re a growing small business looking for reliable single-sided ID card printing the ID Maker Value and Zenius Systems will get the job done at an unbeatable price. However, both printers are single-sided and the Value is hand-feed only. Meaning, if you’re printing a whole bunch of ID badges, you’re going to have to feed them manually into the printer, one card at a time. Want to learn more? ID Maker Value vs. Zenius >


The Medium Business (~500-1200 Employees)

If you’re more of a medium sized organization, the ID Maker Advantage and Primacy One-Box systems are best for you. The Advantage is suggested for groups of roughly 500 to 1000 employees and the Primacy for those around the 1000 to 1200 range. The ID Maker Advantage is a great option if you need a cost-effective system that can grow with you. Upgrading this system from single-sided to dual-sided printing is simple and done with a special printer ribbon, allowing you to do this upgrade on your own. The Primacy boasts the best print quality of all our direct to card printers and does so with an impressive print speed and best-in-class reliability. Both have additional magnetic stripe and encoding options available as well as input and output card hoppers, so printing a batch of ID badges in one go is a snap. As for price, they sit right in the middle of the pack and offer some incredible results and features. Want to learn more? ID Maker Advantage vs. Primacy >


The Large Business (1200+ Employees)

We’ve got you covered with the ID Maker Secure 360 and retransfer printers like the Magicard Prima 4! If you’re looking for ID cards with advanced security features that make forgery nearly impossible the Secure 360 can handle the job. With custom holographic overlays and available encoding upgrades this system will allow you to make high security IDs in a matter of minutes and can handle larger print jobs. We recommend this for up to 2000 prints per year. The Prima 4 is a powerhouse and the only retransfer printer in our line-up, producing a high-resolution glossy images edge-to-edge. It’s also FIPS201 certified, making this a great option for government organizations. Retransfer printers offer a longer lifespan, more durable id card prints and an image clarity direct-to-card printers simply can’t match. The downside is that you’re paying more for the printer and the supplies, but organizations of this size find this a much better option that other printers simply because the printer will last longer and will pay for itself over time.


The Outliers

For small businesses who cant justify the cost of a printer or multi-site organizations who cant buy a printer for every location, id card printers are not viable options. Because we want to help with these identification programs too, we have launched our new id card printing service: IDville On Demand.

Now you can get premium ID badges and do it without the tedious card design or upfront cost of a printer! Now you can order employee id badges one at a time and we will print them and send them right to your door!


Here’s how it all shakes down:

  1. Visit, select your favorite badge design and required features like barcodes, mag stripes, or prox cards.
  2. Create your On Demand account and input your employee card information.
  3. Submit your card for printing and get them printed the same day!

Now you see how this is perfect for small businesses who cant afford a printer as well as multi-site organizations. Print only the cards you need and get them sent right where they need to be. Does this sound like the right solution for you? Request more details now >

Want more details about our One-Box ID Card Printer Systems? Request info and samples or call a system specialist at 1.866.438.4553.

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