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Other Uses for Your ID Card Printer

Other Uses for Your ID Card Printer Other Uses for Your ID Card Printer ID Maker® Printers have a wide range of printing and data capabilities, and sometimes it’s hard to know what an ID card printer can actually do.

ID Maker® Printers have a wide range of printing and data capabilities, and sometimes it’s hard to know what an ID card printer can actually do. You know it prints IDs, but what are some of the other things it can do that you need to know?

Well, let’s take a look…

    • Membership Cards
sample membership card

Almost everyone belongs to some sort of membership club at a local gym, grocery store, art or children’s museum, zoo, golf course, or another organization. If your business has a membership program, why not save money and print your membership cards in-house? It’s as simple as deciding which features your card needs to have, designing it, and printing it.

ID card printers provide extra benefits for membership cards because of the ability to print barcodes, QR codes, or magnetic stripes. Each of these ID card features is easy to scan or swipe, and are great for tracking attendance, purchase history, and allowing special access to amenities.

    • Reward & Loyalty Cards
Loyalty sample card

Reward and loyalty cards are a great investment for grocery stores, coffee shops, boutiques, department stores, restaurants, gyms, and more! But did you know your ID card printer can print them too?

The software used to program ID cards can also program reward and loyalty cards to accrue points for every time customers visit or make a purchase at your establishment.

Along with the proper software, cards that have a barcode, QR code, or magnetic stripe can track customer info—products they most often purchase, their average spend, discounts that caused them to purchase, etc.—as well as company info—products most often purchased, popular brands, etc.

    • Event Passes
sample event pass card

Perfect for concerts, clubs, festivals, sporting events, conferences, conventions, and more, event passes are meant to be displayed. Backstage and VIP passes especially are status symbols, a way for patrons to show their pride in having first-rate privileges.

Using programmed plastic cards for event passes is a great way to track the number of attendees, track event staff, give access to typically off-limits areas, and more.

Plus, they’re often kept as keepsakes after the event and will last longer than paper or digital alternatives, which better promotes your company.

    • Business Card
sample business card

Make a better impression on your potential clients and customers by using plastic cards as business cards. They’re much more durable and long-lasting than a traditional paper card, even if you use a thicker paper such as cardstock.

A plastic card is unique, memorable, and easy to keep. And, as with traditional ID cards, you have complete control of the design, as well as the frequency and quantity of printing—perfect for last-minute prints before an event or business trip!

    • Gift Cards
sample gift card

Gift cards truly are the perfect gift, allowing the recipient to choose the exact gift they want. If your organization offers gift cards, printing your own in-house is a cost-effective and smart option. Simply print with a magnetic stripe and be sure to have the compatible software to program the card with a dollar or point amount.

What makes ID card printers great for gift cards is that they’re when they’re printed on plastic cards, they’re difficult to duplicate. While paper certificates can be easily copied and reprinted, plastic cards are uniquely encoded to prevent fraud.

    • Ready to Get Started?

The biggest consideration, when it comes to using your ID card printer for purposes other than identification or time and attendance, is that you may need special software to implement. Based on your unique needs, you need a system that can read and track that data you gather. Fortunately, our ID Maker® 3.0 software is the most easy-to-use software for designing, printing, and encoding cards in the industry.

Check it out today, along with our unique lineup of ID card printers and systems, and let us know if you have any questions! Give us a call at 866.438.4553.

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