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ID Maker Secure vs. ID Maker Primacy

This is a continuation of our blog post series that started with ID Maker Primacy vs. ID Maker Advantage and continued with ID Maker Value vs. ID Maker Zenius.

2. Will your cards need special encoding (magnetic stripe, contact chip, contactless)?

3. How many cards will you print, on average, per year?

Below are the printer specifications for the ID Maker Secure and ID Maker Primacy. These printers are very comparable when put head-to-head. Both are good for medium to large print runs and can print single- and dual sided cards, both print quickly and efficiently, and both have a three-year warranty.


However, there are slight advantages to each printer, depending on your needs. If security is of the utmost importance, the ID Maker Secure comes with the ability to add an anti-fraud watermark called a Holokote®. There are four pre-defined HoloKote® options automatically available. If you would like something more personalized, a custom HoloKote® can easily be created and added to the printer. The custom HoloKote® is offered for free with the ID Maker Secure (a $500 value!). This added visual security is easily worth the price difference between the ID Maker Secure and ID Maker Primacy.

If you print your IDs in batch runs, meaning you print a lot at one time, you may want to consider the larger hopper options (for an additional charge) that the ID Make Secure offers (200-card input and output). If print speed and reliability are more important than hopper size and custom security, the ID Maker Primacy would likely be the better option.

The ID Maker Primacy also offers a dual-sided card lamination module, that can be purchased separately. So, if card longevity and durability is key to your ID card program, consider adding this lamination feature.

There are very subtle differences between ID card printers, so be sure to know what is most important to you and look for those features when reviewing side-by-side specifications. All ID Maker One-Box Systems come with free and full lifetime technical support. This includes a loaner printer if your printer needs to be sent in for repair. This is an often overlooked, but nevertheless important, benefit when a printer can last upwards of five to 10 years.


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