Essential Employee ID Badge Templates

Are you an Essential Employee? I know your job is important but are you an Essential Employee at an Essential Business? If you manage your company’s identification program...

Step 1: Download ID Maker Software

Downloading the latest version of ID Maker will make sure you don’t have any hiccups with the template file. You can find the latest version on the top of our Tech Support Page.

Step 2: Download Your Template

Step 3: Add Your Employee Details

  1. Open ID Maker 3.0 and select open an existing project
  2. Navigate to the template in your file browser and open it
  3. You can see the badge fields are active. Adjust any fields you like and type in the employee details or import a database in the data entry tab. Not sure how to import a database? Here is a video of how to import a database into ID Maker.

Step 4: Print!

Don't have a printer? Try our Complete One-Box Systems. They have everything you need to start printing as soon as they arrive.

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