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Identification in the Military

by Kelli 27. May 2016 11:13


Personal identification is nothing new to the military. Everyone knows how closely active soldiers and vets alike hold on to their dog tags. So what’s that all about? What is it about these dog tags that are so important?

From day one in the military, they try to break you down so that they can build you back up into a soldier. Dog tags help enlisted individuals remember who they are hold on to that part of them. Loosing or forgetting who you really are is a devastating loss you the individual and the loved ones around them. Dog tags are also extremely important in battle. The whole purpose of issuing them is so that casualties can be recognized and family can be informed. In this way, holding onto identification is important to the soldier’s family. When soldiers are no longer in the army and are able to return home and join the masses again, those sacred dog tags remind them of their time in the army and the important relationships they gained and lost.

As Memorial Day closes in, we recognize and thank all active and retired men and women who served. Their sacrifice so often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Thank you.

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