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Three Trends in the Identification Industry

by Kelli 16. May 2016 08:43



Security is a complex thing, but at the same time it’s rather simple. The goal is to protect. Protect people, objects, buildings and more. The complexity is finding the most effective way to ensure said protection. Unfortunately, society is constantly being reminded of how important security is. The result is a demand for stronger security with more functionality. What follows are three strong trends in the identification industry: 

Trend 1: Security is becoming more dynamic in response to real-time demands.

Identification issuances are needed immediately in many cases and waiting for a number of days is not an option. With the ability to create real-time issuances at the local level, organizations are able to become more flexible. Flexibility has proven to be a large business factor in meeting growing customer needs. By having the ability to make quick changes at the local level, organizations hold a competitive advantage.

Trend 2: Local levels are demanding more functionality.

With security measures being tightened and optimized at the local level, added ID Maker functionality is in high demand. Different organizations have different identification security needs. Higher demand for security functions alongside unique needs means that ID Makers are no longer one size fits all. Some of these desired functionalities include higher quality prints, larger volume prints, enhanced durability, quick activation and deactivation proximity cards, finger prints and alteration proof cards.

Trend 3: The desire for a more streamlined user experience.

With more and more individuals responsible for identification card printing, demand for a simple user experience is at an all-time high. No ID Maker is the same but with the right software mastering the tools to create the perfect ID card becomes very simple. New software is always being developed to deliver a more streamlined user experience while also incorporating the new desired functionality.


We anticipate these trends to continue as safety drives workplace satisfaction and businesses transition to a flatter business structure. If you are looking to implement some easy security tips, check out these 10 workplace safety tips. If you want to learn more about identification systems for your workplace we encourage you to check out our knowledge center where you will find helpful tips on how to choose the best system for your needs as well as step by step tutorials for getting started.

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