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How to Pick Your First ID Card System

by Kelli 21. April 2016 11:28

Boss: We need to make our workers and workplace more secure.

Employee: Duh.

Boss: Let’s implement the use of employee identification cards that opens locked doors.

Employee: Sounds like a great idea.

Boss: That’s because I’m always right.

(Employee rolls eyes)

Boss: Good, go do it.

Employee: Oh. Me? Okay…Google here I come.


If you are looking for your first ID making system you probably have no idea what you’re doing or where to start. This post will walk you through the questions you need to ask yourself before you are ready to invest in a system for 5+ years.

1. Should we outsource our card making needs or make them in house?

2. How many cards will we need to print per year?

3.  Will we need to print on one or both sides of the cards?

  • The backs of cards are great for contact information, a product cheat sheet, fire alarm instructions and more.  

4. Will we only need PVC cards or will we need mag strips, bar codes, proximity cards or other?

5. What else will we need? Software, camera, ink, lanyards and other accessories?

6. What’s my budget?

We have a lot of helpful information on aimed at helping employees like you look good in front of your boss. Some of those pages include FAQ’s, IDville Advantage, Video Library, Info Packets and more. If you choose to make your ID cards in house and know all your needs, you are ready to choose your system! You can search by printing volume and one vs 2 sided printers. You can purchase all your printer needs and card accessories right from our website or you can call our system specialists at 1.866.438.4553 and they can walk you through the process and answer any detailed questions you have. Whether you order online or call in, you will receive a designated account manager that will stick with you for the life of your printer if you have any questions with your ID system at any time.

Hopefully this was helpful with your ID Maker decisions and we are always a call away if you have any questions.

Happy printing!



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