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IDville and Financial Literacy Month?!

by Kelli 6. April 2016 15:30

April is Financial Literacy month and that may not seem to have a direct connection with our brand, but we always do our best to help our customers make the best choices with their hard earned money…or office budgets. That’s why we focus on two things… relationships and value.

Relationships: IDville has numerous ID Maker Systems and plenty of other accessories to choose from, so how do you know what your needs are going to be and what products are going to solve them? Simple. Our System Specialists. If you are looking to invest in the security of your workspace, I recommend talking with one of them. Each caller receives a dedicated account manager so that we can start to gain a real understanding of the customer’s needs over time. You can give them a basic understanding of your organization and what your security goals are and they can start to figure out what best fits your needs so you aren’t ordering something that you won’t need. They will also be your trusted contact for any questions you have about the system and accessories.

Value: With all our ID Maker printer systems, you receive a multi-year warranty, lifetime call support, a 30 Day Guarantee and access to any accessory you can think of. Our goal is to better your workplace and with all these added benefits, you can sleep soundly knowing that if anything goes wrong, you have the whole IDville team behind you. We will even send you a working ID Maker for free if you are having trouble with yours, while we figure out the problem!

Financial Literacy month is a good time to re-evaluate your purchases and invest in what will add value to your workplace. If you have questions and want to start a relationship with one of our System Specialists, please call 1.866.438.4553. If you want to simply learn more about IDville products and what we stand for go ahead and request a free info pack. Shop smart and invest in what matters.

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