IDville Blog | Voter ID issue centers on Minnesota vets

Voter ID issue centers on Minnesota vets

by Admin 8. October 2012 10:18

Efforts are well underway in Minnesota to present veterans on the forefront of the proposed voter identification issue – both for and against the debate as the general election is roughly four weeks away, according to a published report.

Supporters of the measure are relying on veterans as the public face of preserving integrity during elections, Minnesota Public Radio reports. But those who resist the proposal are noting the challenges that veterans are likely to face when they attempt to vote.

A 91-year-old veteran of World War Two is cited in an advertisement of Protect My Vote, an organization that supports the measure. Robert McWhite was a prisoner of war in Europe and discusses defense of the U.S. and what it stands for.

"Nothing is more central to America's success than the right to vote," the Minneapolis resident says during the 30-second advertisement, according to the news source. "That's why I'm supporting the effort to protect that right by showing photo ID."

But opponents of the measure say it poses a threat against soldiers' capacities to cast ballots.

Spokeswoman Greta Bergstrom with the anti-amendment campaign Our Vote Our Future said the ad with McWhite makes the issue sound simpler than it actually is.

The ad also does not inform voters that it could assemble procedures that serve as obstacles for voting by service members.

"We know that there are over 11,500 military and other overseas voters that are in this position overseas that absolutely rely on and depend on mail-in balloting," the spokeswoman told the news source. "If this amendment actually were to pass, their ability to self-certify their absentee ballot will actually go away."

Minnesota Daily reports a debate late last week at Metropolitan State University featured individuals who argued both sides of the issue.

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