IDville Blog | Minnesota voter ID law leaves more questions than answers

Minnesota voter ID law leaves more questions than answers

by Admin 21. September 2012 11:11

Minnesota is wrestling with a voter photo ID amendment but the language of the proposal does not cite the exact kind of government identification cards that will be accepted, according to a published report.

Should the measure pass when voters act this November, it would be added to the state constitution, KARE 11 reports. But it won't be implemented until next summer.

Calling for individuals looking to cast ballots to show "valid, government-issued photographic identification," the amendment leaves unclear what is a valid government-issued identification card.

"There's a debate about what a valid government-issued ID is and whether the legislature will get to determine that," government affairs head Beth Fraser with the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office told the news source. "Is a valid government-issued photo ID one issued by the State of Minnesota, the United States government, or Hoboken, New Jersey City Council?"

People who do not hold a valid identification card or who do not have documents that demonstrate their residence is in the precinct will be provided a provisional ballot.

But that provisional ballot only will be counted following verification of their identities and place of residence.

Fraser even questions whether she will be able to cast a ballot with the identification card she holds.

"This is a government issued photo ID," said the government affairs head while showing her state employee photo identification card. "Would this allow me to vote? I mean that's up for debate."

College students may cast absentee ballots in their home precincts. They also may register to vote where they're in school. And they may use student identification cards to register to cast ballots in advance, but those cards also may be used on Election Day.

The Duluth News Tribune reports statewide Democrats are overtly opposed to voter ID amendments and legislation.

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