IDville Blog | Pennsylvania schools distribute IDs that enable voting in November

Pennsylvania schools distribute IDs that enable voting in November

by Admin 18. September 2012 11:29

Many academic institutions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will act to enable their students to vote in early November by issuing new identification cards, according to a published report.

Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group determined that 95 of 110 colleges in the state do not issue student ID badges that meet the new regulations of the state's voter ID law, The Philadelphia Daily News reports. People are eligible to vote if they hold IDs that bear photographs and an expiration date.

Of those110 schools, only 15 issued IDs that have expiration dates. Some schools issued IDs that did not even have photographs, according to the consumer advocacy group.

After the survey was administered, organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Rock the Vote and the Committee of the Seventy encouraged the schools to inform students of the laws. In turn, that spurred some of the schools to issue members of the student body new ID cards or stickers that held expiration dates, according to the Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group.

Temple University in Philadelphia emerged as one school to issue new identification badges that have an expiration date. But a group spokeswoman would not indicate which other universities have enacted changes.

The law in Pennsylvania and additional states has raised the ire of many voting-rights advocacy groups that claim the legislation threatens to disenfranchise voters who tend to be young and Democrat-leaning students since they are less inclined to hold driver's licenses or nondriver identification cards as compared to the remainder of the general population.

The Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group confronts powerful entities that pose a peril against health and safety, financial and economic security, and the people's constitutional right to partake in the nation's democratic processes, according to the group's website.

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