IDville Blog | Utah school's game raises ID card awareness

Utah school's game raises ID card awareness

by Admin 10. September 2012 12:33

During the past year and a half, Monica Tripler of the Utah State University card office has been observing how students use their ID cards around campus. After the study, she concluded that many freshmen and transfer students didn't understand the full extent of the badges and what they could be used for, according to a report by the USU Statesman.

"This was an opportunity," Tripler said, according to the news source. "Until [students] are on campus and using their cards, they can't find value in it."

To raise awareness of the benefits associated with individuals using student ID cards, Tripler created a game on campus called Cardopoly. Similar to the famous board game Monopoly, students are encouraged to visit 16 businesses throughout the college community where their ID cards can be used and collect stamps to put on a specific game board, the USU Statesman noted. No purchases are necessary, as the activity is simply aimed at promoting ID card awareness and advantages.

Since the game has experienced such positive responses so far, Tripler said she plans to create a similar program next year that will involve visiting student service locations, such as academic counseling, around the college, the USU Statesman reported.

"Students are paying for these services through student fees. We want them to use them," Tripler told the USU Statesman.

As ID cards evolve, it will become increasingly important that students learn the full extent of the devices. In the coming years, many IDs will become contactless and potentially hold financial value, allowing individuals to make purchases with them, according to a report by Security Management.

By implementing programs that raise awareness of the cards, educational facilities may be able to ensure students get better use of the devices.

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