IDville Blog | Tampa school enforced security measures during nearby RNC

Tampa school enforced security measures during nearby RNC

by Admin 6. September 2012 13:50

A Southern Florida college had to adjust its security standards late last month thanks to a bunch of politicians coming to town, according to a published column.

The University of Tampa mandated staff, students and other people looking to gain access to the campus wear Spartan ID badges during the Republican National Convention, The Minaret reports. Campus Safety effected the changes out of consideration for the safety and well-being of the students and author Elaina Zintl notes her apprehension.

"I, as a new freshman at UT, was nervous about the RNC and grateful for the safety measures put in place," Zintle states in her column.

Members of the staff and the students all had to wear neon lanyards that had identification cards attached to them while the RNC was in process beginning the week of August 26.

While the convention was in process, people whose lanyard and ID were not clearly demonstrated could have been stopped. Not everyone wore the lanyards and identification around their necks but, rather, held on to them or had them dangling from their pockets as a method of avoiding being stopped.

Prior to the RNC kicking off, campus officials issued several emails that sought to remind the students to wear the lanyards. Freshmen were instructed to attend at least one of the three mandatory security sessions that were being conducted on the Sunday that kicked off the week holding the RNC.

The security sessions featured officials advising students to be alert and vigilant and not to act recklessly. The officials underscored the mandate of wearing  the lanyards.

One factor that got in the way of wearing the lanyards and identification badges was forgetfulness – despite the overt neon color of the lanyard holding the required documentation.

Campus Safety went out of its way to be of assistance. One student, a second-year commuter, said the school was enormously helpful given she does not live on campus.

"I'm a commuter, but I'm not staying at my permanent address," sophomore biology major Tara Temkar told the news source. "So they sent my lanyard to my parents' house when I was already in Florida, and I didn't have it sent down."

Conducted from August 27 through August 30, the Republican National Convention that nominated former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to challenge President Barack Obama was held at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Walking between the Forum and campus was roughly 20 minutes.

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