IDville Blog | Upstate New York school deploys scanners for student IDs

Upstate New York school deploys scanners for student IDs

by Admin 5. September 2012 10:58

A Western New York state university is placing increased importance on its identification card, according to a published report.

Students at the College of Brockport who do not have their Brockport ID cards with them will be unable to gain entry into the gym, eat a meal at the dining hall or get back home into their residence hall, The Stylus reports.

Students at the school, which is part of the State University of New York System, will be unable to go to campus-held events also. Two particular events – Glow Fiesta IV and Club Craze – served as examples of the new rules as they only entered after swiping their ID cards where a scanner read their cards.

The banner identification on the card was read by a scanner and the student was permitted to enter following a short beep, which indicated the person is a current student. But the operator was tipped off to trouble if that beep was longer.

The effort drives to preserve "integrity with the usage of the student activity fee," assistant director Matt Barone with the Student Union Activities told the news source. The Office of the Student Union and Activities also is involved and is gauging event attendance.

This new system has begun "for a few different reasons," Barone told the news source. "First, attendance tracking is nice. It's nice for us to know who's going to what. There's also a co-curricular transcript tool in myBrockport, where if you went to Club Craze last night, you will be able to generate a co-curricular transcript of all the things you've been involved in or have attended. So that you could say to a potential internship site or a potential job place, 'here are the things I've been involved in and here's the record of that.' As opposed to saying you did that, you can say here's actual proof of that."

The Student Union purchased four scanners to check the ID cards, according to Barone. Community Development acquired one scanner. Leadership Development owns as many as three. One scanner costs $10 and the various organizations that want to make use of the scanners will be able to.

Students who already have had their ID cards scanned will receive email notifications of upcoming events.

The College at Brockport was founded in 1865 and encompasses 464 acres, according to the school's website. The school offers 49 undergraduate majors and 47 master's degree programs.

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