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DOJ relaxes Virginia voter ID requirements

by Admin 22. August 2012 12:13

Voters in Virginia may use numerous identification cards to vote, according to approval issued by the U.S. Justice Department.

NBC News reports that voters who do not have any identification will be unable to cast ballots.

The state of Virginia will permit voters to cast ballots if they bear an identification card issued by a state college or university in addition to paperwork that does not have a picture. Items such as a recent utility bill, a bank statement, a government check and a paycheck that displays the name and address of the voter will suffice.

Virginia's laws and regulations are not as stringent as other states' mandates for voters to have identification requirements.

Virginia has approved voter registration cards in state that do not include photographs in addition to more traditional forms of identification such as a license to drive and other government identification cards. The commonwealth also granted approval for the use of employee photo identification cards.

The newly approved law brings to a close permitting a voter to exercise his democratic right by affixing his signature to paperwork that declares one's identity.

The new law approves provisional ballots for someone who arrives at the polls and does not have any form of identification.

However, the voter has up to 72 hours to submit a mode of identification that is approved.

Governor Bob McDonnell ordered the state election board to supply all voters with a voter card, which is one of two forms that the law honors.

But one state senator expressed disappointment in a press release, according to The Daily Press.

"It is disappointing that (the DOJ) has supported voter suppression efforts in Virginia," Democrat Mamie Locke said. "This only plants the seed for more egregious measures to be pursued by those who wish to undermine many segments of the voting population."

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