IDville Blog | Little enforcement for students, faculty use of buses in Texas college town

Little enforcement for students, faculty use of buses in Texas college town

by Admin 14. August 2012 15:36

Students and faculty members of two Texas schools must show their identification cards to use the bus service while off campus, according to a published report.

But those associated with Texas A&M University and Blinn College said they rarely ever experience enforcement of that rule, according to The Bryan College Station Eagle. Ten off-campus routes of the AggieSpirit bus have notices indicating riders must show their identification cards but students, bus drivers and officials from Texas A&M Transportation Services said they almost never encounter enforcement.

Student bus riders who pay for it might be concerned about non-students who use the service without paying for it.

Transportation services executive director Peter Lange said a variety of concerns might come up if officials were to step in and enforce the policy.

"We don't check every stop, every time. That can slow entry to the buses," Lange told the news source. "It has crossed our minds as something to do, but we have already targeted those areas. We don't have time to check every student, every ride."

Texas A&M University owns 80 buses that travel eight routes that are on campus. Ten routes are off campus and the system draws its funding from a $70 student fee that is among tuition and fees.

The executive director said that the department has heard an assortment of complaints about not only students and faculty members using the service.

He said that is one reason the department posted yellow signs instructing who is eligible to ride the bus service.

"It's 100 percent student funded," the executive director told the news source. "We felt [posting the notices] was the right thing to do, based on the feedback."

The agency said some of the feedback about the service pointed to middle school and high school children misbehaving, which would make other riders feel uneasy.

Lange said the agency posted the warning signs near the middle school and the high school and, so as to be consistent, more signs eventually were posted. All stops now have the signs.

Texas A&M University has more than 50,000 students and is the U.S.' sixth-biggest university, according to the school's website. Its $5 billion endowment ranks it 10th overall for schools in the U.S.

Blinn College is a junior college and one of its four campuses is in Bryan, according to the school's website.

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