IDville Blog | Judge issues extension to hash out ID disagreement in New Jersey

Judge issues extension to hash out ID disagreement in New Jersey

by Admin 7. August 2012 06:28

A New Jersey judge has given two opposing parties seven weeks to hash out their disagreement over state identification badges, according to a published report.

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Paul Innes said this past Friday that the American Civil Liberties Union and the Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey have until Friday, September 21 to reach an agreement over the dispute that landed them in court in the first place.

Until that point, New Jersey may not impose more strict requirements on people who are in pursuit of driver's licenses. In the meantime, people who are after driver's licenses or would like to renew their licenses are able to use the six-point ID system presently used by the state.

Demand for those requirements is part of a federal program called TRU-ID, which aims to fortify how secure state-issued licenses and ID cards are. The federal government says states must adhere to more strict standards so that people may use these identification cards to gain entry to commercial flights or access federal buildings.

Acquisition of the new licenses is possible by people supplying a Social Security document and two proofs of residence. Recently expired passports no longer are sufficient for these requirements.

Opposition manifests from those who advocate for immigrants and the homeless. Privacy concerns are the main driver for the ACLU, which filed a lawsuit this past May that aims to stop TRU-ID immediately prior to it beginning.

The case filed by the ACLU itemized concerns about the process. New Jersey sought to impose the new requirements but did not explore the rule-making procedure, such as collecting commentary from the public on the matter.

"Any time the state obtains documents which are personal in nature they have to at least state why they're doing so," attorney Ed Barocas with the ACLU told the news source.

If the civil rights group and officials with the Garden State are unable to strike a deal by the date set by the judge, the civil liberties union will solicit the judge to disallow any new IDs from being issued while the dispute continues in the courts.

Officials with the Motor Vehicle Commission and the New Jersey Attorney General's Office declined to comment to the news source.

The New Jersey Record reports deputy attorney general Phil Espinosa told the judge at Friday's hearing that both sides were in discussions as part of an effort to reach an agreement.

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