IDville Blog | ID cards might not have reached all Missouri voters in county impacted by tornado

ID cards might not have reached all Missouri voters in county impacted by tornado

by Admin 7. August 2012 11:10

One in four voters are projected to show up and cast ballots in a Southwest Missouri county today for a primary election, county officials told The Joplin Globe.

Factors that contribute to that forecast turnout include lingering issues remaining from the Joplin tornado, new addresses for some voters and new voter ID cards held by some voters, according to Jasper County clerk Bonnie Earl. But those issues are unlikely to prevent voters from casting ballots, she said.

The potential for troubles with voting because of the tornado was one that Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder attempted to stave off in a letter that aimed to open resources to help officials in the county "ensure voters are not disenfranchised due to last year's tornado."

But one of every eight new voter identification cards mailed by the county clerk's offices were returned by the post office, according to Earl. Of 80,000 new voter identification cards, roughly 10,000 did not make it to their destination because people did not change their addresses with the assistance of officials after their former residence had been impacted by the tornado in May 2011.

The former clerk emphasized the importance of going to the clerk's office and changing that information to reflect the adjustment.

Earl said voters may adjust their addresses at the polls and make use of another ID.

"They can just go to their new polling place and make the change there," Earl told the news source. "I don't want people to think they'll not be able to vote if they've not changed addresses or if they don't have a new voter ID card; that's not true."

KTVO reports the voter identification cards that were sent via postal services to Missouri residents include information about in what precinct voters may cast ballots.

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