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Signs it’s time to upgrade your outdated ID system!

by david 10. July 2012 09:15
Are you constantly struggling to create photo IDs quickly? Do you find that it’s taking you more time than it’s worth to print cards? Or are you currently using an outside source and it's taking weeks just to get your IDs mailed to you? If so, then it’s time you update your photo identification system or look into implementing one in your organization!  
I recently did some traveling for a couple of IDville tradeshows, and I was astonished at the amount of professionals I talked with that commented, “We currently do print our own ID cards, but our system is so outdated that they look cheap and generic.” The purpose of your ID card is for security and identification. It’s critical that each ID is professional looking and customizable to suit all your needs. Not every company needs access control or added security features such as bar code scanning, but your ID system should have all those capabilities.  
Shop our ID Maker Systems.
Shop our ID Maker Systems

IDville, photo identification and security experts, make designing and printing photo ID cards easy. 
Set up is simple: Getting your ID Maker system set up is as simple as installing the software and plugging in the equipment. That’s it! We even have brief videos to show you how simple it really is.  
Invest less time and money: Unlike most technology these days, an ID card system does save you time and hassle. There are still a lot of companies that print paper badges, cut each one out and laminate them separately. That takes a lot of time compared to the ID Maker System that prints 1 card in less than 30 seconds! 
Lifetime support: Have a question during set up? IDville includes lifetime technical support in the purchase of your ID system. If you ever need assistance, we are only a phone call away!
Implementing or updating your current photo identification system can be overwhelming. So don’t hesitate to call one of our Identification Specialists at 866.438.4553 with any questions you may encounter through the implementation process. Happy ID printing! 
David is an IDville Identification Specialist with over seven years product and sales experience.  Around IDville, David is known for his new product ideas, sports knowledge, and experience as a catalog model (you may have seen him in a previous IDville catalog!)

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