IDville Blog | New White Paper Shares the Importance of ID Card Systems and ID Badges

New White Paper Shares the Importance of ID Card Systems and ID Badges

by dan 27. March 2012 07:00

We are excited to announce the release of our white paper “ID Card Systems – Why Identify?“ This white paper is perfect if you’re researching the benefits an ID card system can bring to your workplace.

ID card systems outfit students, staff, and visitors with a photo ID badge that can be worn on the premises each day. It also helps to identify visitors who may not have a legitimate reason to be on the premises. You can use your ID card system to restrict access to the building by using proximity cards, also known as contactless cards, and this has been established as a workplace prevention strategy.

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The primary benefits of an ID card system are increased security and efficiency, and an ID card system can offer these benefits with at a lower cost than other forms of security. When you download the white paper, you’ll get clear examples of the benefits in both education and healthcare environments.

For example, schools that require students and staff to display an ID badge create a safe atmosphere. You’ll also find that ID badges are more cost effective and inviting in a school than other forms of security, such as cameras, guards, and metal detectors.  Plus, you can increase efficiency with ID badges by integrating library and lunch systems through a barcode on the badge. All this can be done by designing your own ID badges!

Healthcare organizations can also prevent both physical and intellectual security breaches by implementing an ID card system. With more medical records being stored electronically, it is crucial that you protect patient information by restricting facility access. ID badges can communicate authorization levels and help staff members clearly identify who does and does not belong.

Over time, an ID card system pays for itself, and you’ll quickly see financial, security, and morale returns on the investment. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of an ID card system can get detailed information and data in our “ID Card Systems – Why Identify?” white paper in the Knowledge Center.


Dan is the IDville General Manager and oversees all product management and marketing for the IDville brand.  Around IDville, Dan is known for the catchphrase, "talk to me," his not-so-secret designer past, and his passion for Michigan State sports.

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